4 Gems to Charge Your Life With Healing Energy

Stones are power. Humans have used them since the dawn of time to build structures for safety and places of worship. They don’t need to be towering to be powerful, though. Each type of stone has its own meaning. Psychics often use them to open the mind and aid in divination. Many people carry small stones around as tokens or in jewelry to bring good energy into their lives. They can bring luck into life, and also reduce stress. If you need some healing energy in your life, consider picking up a charm with one of these healing gems.

Rose Quartz

"Heal your broken heart with the help of Rose Quartz gem"

“Heal your broken heart with the help of Rose Quartz gem”

Hearts are tricky things. They exist, a real muscle that moves blood through the body. But there is another heart, the emotional center. And you cannot hold this heart, it can most certainly break. In these times, healing is not a simple matter. Rose quartz, though, has powerful energy to help heal a broken heart. This stone encourages love, starting love for oneself. It will also help dispel negative feelings associated with love. Rose quartz will help dispel feelings of heartache and loneliness should you reach out to it.

Snowflake Obsidian

"Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of balance and purity"

“Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of balance and purity”

Snow has long been a symbol of cleansing. The first fall of snow seems to muffle even the busiest cities. Overnight, the busy landscape becomes blanketed in an even white. In real life, this purity never lasts for long. Real snow becomes muddled with footprints and dirt. A rock, though, can preserve the beauty. Snowflake obsidian is a black stone with flecks of pure white throughout. The split lends to the stone’s meaning, as well. It is a stone of balance and purity. The darkness of the stone encourages looking into oneself. From there, you can recognize the big problems and address them.


Certain stones have become deeply rooted in culture. They serve as a key part of trading, and the culture’s art. Jade is best known for its part in Chinese culture, but has become important all over the world. Because of this, it holds a lot of meaning, even depending on what color it is. Green, the most common stone, is one of peace. It is all about easing a stressed mind. The positive energy helps wash away guilt and stress. Through this sense of peace, one can find the strength to continue through current problems.


To be in touch with one’s spiritual side is to be in love with something larger than oneself. It allows for a certain inner peace that helps you face life’s troubles. In times of strife, though, it can feel a distant goal. There is no single answer, but there are many resources. One great one is amethyst. A purple quartz, this gem is extremely spiritual. When used in meditation, it can charge you with its energy and help you make steps toward enlightenment. It can help clear your mind, allowing for better meditation and more sound sleep. People born in February have a particular connection to the gem, as it represents their month.


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