A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Readings

If you’ve ever done even a little bit of research into psychic readings, you’ve probably discovered that there are many different types of readings you can get done. When people think about psychic readings they tend to think of tarot cards or palm reading, but there are so many other methods that can be used to divine the future. Crystals are a trusted, common tool used in psychic readings and have been for centuries. If you’re thinking about getting a psychic to do a crystal reading for you, it may not be a bad idea to get a little educated about crystals and how they relate to psychic readings first.


"Crystallomancy is a form of scrying which involves divination with a crystal ball."

“Crystallomancy is a form of scrying which involves divination with a crystal ball.”

Crystallomancy is the term given to the method of divining visions by entering a trance state while gazing into some kind of crystal surface. If you’re envisioning a gypsy staring into a crystal ball, you’re right on point. However, crystallomancy does not depend entirely on a crystal ball. The tools used for this type of reading can vary and can include any type of shiny or reflective object. While actual crystal balls are common in many cases, so too are gem stones crystalline in nature or mirrors. Psychics that make use of crystal balls won’t necessarily use a large one like you often see in movies (usually because crystal balls that size are quite expensive). In fact, some of them use what’s referred to as a “palm ball,” which is exactly what its name implies. It shouldn’t matter what type of crystalline tool a psychic uses as long as they are able to enter a trance state in order to begin divinations.


"Lithomancy uses stones to see the past or predict the future."

“Lithomancy uses stones to see the past or predict the future.”

Lithomancy is the other type of psychic reading that uses crystals. Like crystal gazing, it’s a practice that has ancient roots. This kind of reading uses smaller stones of various types. Modern lithomancy practitioners will generally use 13 stones and during a reading, will cast them onto a mat or board. The prediction is then made based on what kind of pattern the stones fell into or in the way they reflect the light compared to their position on the board.

The stones used in lithomancy usually relate somehow to the aspects of life. For example, some stones will represent love, happiness, and family. Other stones will relate more to a person in an astrological sense, representing signs and planets.

Which Should You Request?

What type of crystal reading you should get depends entirely on which you feel will work best for your situation. If you’re hoping to get a reading about the general state of your life, lithomancy should work quite well. If you’re looking to get a specific idea about a future event in your life, crystallomancy would probably yield better results. Of course, it may be interesting to see what both types of readings would reveal, so you may opt to get both done as well. It can be tough to find practitioners of lithomancy and crystallomancy, but if you look for psychics that do online readings you should be able to find one easily that’s both affordable and available.


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