Four Tarot Cards You Should Not Take Lightly

Thanks to the way it’s been depicted in popular media, some of the meanings behind the Tarot have been largely misconstrued. For example, in movies when someone is confronted with the Death card, it always means that something bad-and in most cases, deadly-is lurking around the corner. The same goes with The Lovers, because once it appears in a spread in a movie or TV show it always signifies that romance is going to happen soon. If you’re thinking of getting a Tarot reading done, you should immediately erase all the meanings you think you know from tarot cards that you’ve gleaned from popular media. The cards have multiple meanings and some of those meanings will vary based on who you are and the questions you’ve asked of them. There are four cards in particular you should make the effort to learn about, because of what they represent and how it could affect you.

0, The Fool

"The Fool reversed warns you to not to take risks at this point of life"

“The Fool reversed warns you to not to take risks at this point of life”

Many people assume that The Fool represents a carefree attitude and living without worries. However, that’s only one of the meanings. Should The Fool appear in a spread reversed (upside down), the meaning changes in a very big way. The Fool reversed warns against making reckless decisions without considering the consequences. Taking risks at this point in your life is not wise, and if you do you could end up being unhappy for a long time.

VI, The Lovers

"The Lovers indicates you to consider more important things than just your relationship"

“The Lovers indicates you to consider more important things than just your relationship”

The Lovers can represent love and happiness in a relationship. However, it can also represent possessiveness, stagnation, and tempestuousness. Seeing this card in a spread may by an indicator that you need to stop putting your relationship above all other things in your life, because that kind of imbalance will have a ripple effect on the other relationships you have. It may also be a sign that you’re feeling stifled or stunted in regards to emotional growth, which means that you may need to break free of the relationship you’re currently in.

XII, The Hanging Man

The Hanging Man can serve as a mirror in regards to your behaviour. Seeing it in a spread could be a sign that you need to start changing the way you’re behaving. It may indicate that you’re acting out but are rationalizing the behaviour by blaming others. It may also indicate that you’re doing so out of the need for attention or because you feel that others in your life deserve the bad behaviour you’re giving them. If you see the Hanging Man in a spread, you should take some time to do careful introspection.

XIV, Temperance

Temperance encourages you to find a balance between doing too little and doing too much. Choosing to always act in an extreme in either direction is not healthy and can negatively influence your life in numerous ways. Temperance can also encourage you not to be afraid to act. Letting fear rule over your decision-making process can lead to a life of regrets. You should try to overcome any inaction you face that’s due to uncertainty or fear. It’s important to achieve a balance in order for you to find contentment.


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