Gemstones You Need for Accurate Divination

When it comes to having a good psychic session, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make yourself as open and receptive to the session as possible. While doing things like relax, rest well, take long baths and even meditate can help you prepare there are a few additional precautions you can take as well. Carrying the right gemstones and crystals in your pocket can help enhance your session by making you more open to the divination session. If you’re about to head out for a session with your psychic, here’s a list of a few gems and crystals you may want to have jingling around in your pocket.


"Agate removes nervousness and boosts your confidence"

“Agate removes nervousness and boosts your confidence”

Before you enter any psychic session you want to make sure you’re grounded, and agate will help you do that. The questions you bring into a session can be understandably emotional; generally you’re going to have a lot of yourself invested in what you bring into that room. A piece of agate in your pocket can help ease some of that panic and increase the likelihood that you’ll walk out with a good, accurate reading.


There’s very little that amethyst isn’t good for. It’s the ultimate healing stone for anything that ails you, including your mind. If you’re having a hard time focusing on your upcoming reading or are afraid that your mind might wander when it comes time to ask your psychic the question that’s been plaguing you all week, a pair of amethyst earrings can help keep you on track.


"Fluorite gives you courage to ask emotionally charged questions"

“Fluorite gives you courage to ask emotionally charged questions”

But sometimes you need more than good focus. You need an attentive, critical mind, one that can help you analyze conditions and situations in a rational and unemotional way. If you’re dealing with a bad break-up or have another emotionally charged question to ask, fluorite can help keep you a step back from what you might be feeling and give you a glance at the situation from another perspective.


Another strong stone for divination purposes, malachite also helps you heal painful emotions and keep you calm. If you’re trying to come to terms with a recent death and have questions related to it, or even if you’re attempting to contact your loved one that’s passed on, malachite can help calm your emotions and leave you well rested for your upcoming session.

Red Jasper

"Red jasper protects you from negative energies during a session"

“Red jasper protects you from negative energies during a session”

Red jasper is universally considered one of the most powerful stones for divination specifically. Wear it around your neck or in a sachet to protect you from negative energies during a session. It’s especially helpful during vision quests and other out of body experiences as it helps to keep you grounded solidly on this plane.


Sometimes our desires can get the better of us in a session. If you go in already knowing what you want the answer to your question to be, sometimes this desire can fog up the accuracy of your session. Pocketing a bit of topaz can help focus your desires into clearer messages, allowing you to focus your question and also putting you in a better place to receive the answer.


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