How to Tell if a Psychic Is Just Telling You What You Want to Hear

Whenever someone consults a psychic with a problem they are facing, more often than not they hope to leave the session with good news and wise guidance. While it can sometimes be frustrating to not receive the information or good news you were expecting, it can often be just as problematic to constantly leave a session with nothing but positive news. No one is going to make any progress is everything is constantly sugar coated for them, and here are a few easy ways to tell if a psychic is just telling you what you want to hear.

Be Wary When You Receive Nothing but Good News

"Beware if your psychic is only telling you the good news"

“Beware if your psychic is only telling you the good news”

This tip is probably one of the most obvious ones to look out for with psychics. When visiting a psychic, most people will want to leave with the best news possible. Everyone wants to hear that their relationship is on the right track and will lead to marriage, or that they are definitely going to get that big promotion at work. And, when a person goes to a psychic and this is the type of news they receive, they are more than happy and will be eager to go back for a second visit. However, if someone has been visiting a psychic multiple times and every single time they get nothing but the best news of the future, the readings they are getting might not be as accurate as they want to believe. No one leads a completely stress free life with absolutely no problems at all. If a client is getting told nothing but good news by their psychic, it could be a sign that the psychic is only telling them what they want to hear in order to get back to come back for more good news.

They Try to Sugar Coat Bad News

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While it’s true that psychics won’t predict serious disasters in life such as death, divorce, disease or disaster, they won’t go out of their way to not share problems that could possibly arise. Psychics are supposed to help people through their daily lives, and sometimes that means laying things out flat and showing them what negative situations could potentially pop up. However, if a psychic is constantly sugar coating bad outcomes to situations, then that could be a sign of trouble. For example, if a relationship is on the rocks or someone thinks their partner might be cheating on them, a psychic should be honest with their readings and predictions and let the client know exactly what they see from the situation. If a psychic sugar coats negative predictions, it isn’t going to help the client at all. While it might make them feel better in the moment, all it’s going to do is give them false hope for a situation and prevent them from taking the necessary steps to correct the problem before it spirals out of control. If someone suspects that their psychic is sugar coating things, it’s time to find a new psychic who will tell things like it is and work to help the client have a more successful reading and a better future.


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