How Your Birthday is Used In Numerology

Numerology is a form of divination that isn’t commonly heard of anymore, but that is making a comeback online in the form of many subsets and offshoots from the main form of psychic science. One of the most popular forms of numerology requires only using your birthday in order to come up with a fortune that is suited just to you (and anyone else who happens to share that date of birth). Though this may seem impersonal, numerology relies heavily on the idea that the numbers in your life (such as your birthday) are destined and have a lot to do with your persona and your future.

Adding Up the Numbers

"Add up your birthday numbers"

“Add up your birthday numbers”

First, take your birthday in full and reduce it to nothing but numbers. For instance, use the birthdate of April 22nd, 1990. This would then become 04221990. Next, insert a plus sign in between each number to create a long addition problem. If you leave in all the zeros, there should be eight numbers total. Add up all of your numbers and see what you get. In the example, you’ll get a result of 27. If your result is a double digit number, add the two numbers together in order to get your final result. This number becomes your soul number. So, in the example, the soul number of someone born on April 22nd, 1990 would be 9 because two and seven equal 9.

What Your Reading Can Tell You

"Numerology reading gives you the information about you and your path in life"

“Numerology reading gives you the information about you and your path in life”

A numerology reading is one of the best forms of reading in terms of being accurate and concrete. While you may not agree with the results, or find that you don’t believe a lot of the things your numerology chart will say, it’s never going to falter no matter where the chart comes from. Astrology that is strictly based on numbers is more absolute and leaves less up to interpretation than other forms of astrology.

Your numerology chart will generally tell you two types of information: information about yourself and information about your path in life. The numbers displayed on a numerology chart are mostly going to indicate what your life has been like and what it will be like in the future. Other information relates directly to your personality and mannerisms, much like astrology does.

Using This Information in Life

Numerology can be extremely useful if you’re unsure where you’re headed in life or wary of the path that lies before you. A numerology chart, again, is based mostly around the idea that numbers can dictate what your future will have in store for you. Using the information on your chart is simple when you think about it: you’re now armed with knowledge that can prepare you for any dips and bends in the road. This information can also put your past into perspective, allowing you to fully understand your circumstances and to learn from them. Because of this, numerology is best utilized as a long-term method of divination. The information you find on your numerology chart may not actually come up in your life until years down the road.


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