Know Before You Go: What the Pentacles Suit Means in Your Reading

There are two major divisions of the tarot: the major and minor arcana. The major arcana are your powerhouse cards, the larger embodiments of the major influences in the deck like hope and love. The minor arcana tend to be more nuanced and focused, a task made easier by the fact that they’re all divided into four additional categories: pentacles, wands, cups and swords. Each has a major area of influence, and today we’re going to review the type of power the suit of pentacle wields when it comes up in your reading.

The Positive / Neutral

"Pentacles deal with both the physical and external level of consciousness"

“Pentacles deal with both the physical and external level of consciousness”

In a very broad sense the pentacles suit deals with the physical. This often means money, but it can also refer to physical property or general material aspects of life such as business, work, and other things that help you gain earthly possessions. The positive cards of the deck pop up as references to an increase in your business luck or fortune. One of these appearing in your spread about a potential business venture could spell some serious future commercial success and a stable future income.

Pentacles also deal with your external consciousness, mirroring situations that deal with health and creativity in addition to money and work. They reflect how we see our outer surroundings and help us transform them as needed. They’re also images of our self-esteem and ego from time to time, or more specifically how we choose to interpret them.

The Negative

"Suit of Pentacles represents greediness and overly materialistic."

“Suit of Pentacles represents greediness and overly materialistic.”

For every positive there’s a negative, and that’s certainly true for the suit of pentacles. When these cards appear reversed in your tarot spread it’s an indication of greed, possessiveness or excess. You could be hoarding a little too much money away or not giving enough of the spotlight to someone else who’s both earned it and deserves it. It could also be a sign that you’re a little too focused on finances and don’t spend enough time with your family, or even on yourself. It could also spell a kink in your plans for a future business venture, signaling that you need a little more prep time before you’re ready to go.

Personality Indicators

You may end up with a pentacle card in a spot on your spread that represents a specific person in your life. If you do, this person is probably either a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo as these are the three earth signs of the zodiac. This person is going to be practical, down to earth and extremely grounded. Rather than daydreaming with their heads in the clouds, this is going to be the person in your life that is goal oriented and focused. Despite their seriousness, they’re also generous and giving people. They have their future mapped out and not only a path to get there, but also alternate routes in case they get detoured on their way. They can also be prone to the occasional indulgence, but even these indulgences are focused on the physical and could be anything from expensive shoes to fine restaurants.


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