Lestrology: Queer Astrology Compatibility for Scorpios

When you meet a Scorpio, you’re going to want to take out your note pad and write the word “INTENSE” in big bold letters. The Scorpio lady is also the horniest girl you could hook up with on the chart, and by those two powers combined you’re in for quite the night. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that your hookup is meaningless; nothing is meaningless with a Scorpio girl. She’s a possessive lover and is desperate to control everything they can. So watch out for that stinging tail of hers – you definitely want to stay on her good side.

Scorpio and Aries

"Except sex, everything is disaster about this match"

“Except sex, everything is disaster about this match”

When you look up “bad idea” in the dictionary, these are the two signs that pop up together. The sex is great, but pretty much everything else is going to be a disaster. Scorpio’s controlling nature drives Aries bonkers, and both of their passive aggressive natures lead to a breakdown of communication that’s likely to end in an explosive screaming match and hurt feelings. This is the couple you see having a screaming match at the Pride parade and then making out in the club later on.

Scorpio and Cancer

For all of Scorpio’s intensity Cancer actually adds to it. Cancers emotional strength and neediness enhances Scorpio’s possessiveness, and Scorpio absolutely loves that Cancer wants to be protected. The sex is great, though these two may run into trouble when it comes to settling down long term. Cancer wants the two and a half kids and the white picket fence where Scorpio just wants to have some fun. But who knows? The sex is good enough that things may just work themselves out.

Scorpio and Leo

"Relationship can last longer"

“Relationship can last longer”

When you think of the phrase “opposites attract,” think of Scorpio and Leo. Fire and water signs are opposite ends of the spectrum and that leads to some heated initial encounters, but unfortunately the steam that appears when fire and water collide vanishes eventually. They’re both natural leaders and they’ll inevitably butt heads when it comes to who takes charge. Leo wants to go out and be the life of the party where the possessive Scorpio wants to tie them down at home and make sure they stay loyal. Leo’s just as stubborn as Scorpio is uncompromising making this a relationship full of barbs and unresolved conflicts that could last for years. Assuming the relationship lasts that long, anyway.

Scorpio and Capricorn

Now here’s a relationship that’s built to last. The Capricorn lady is ambitious with lofty goals and her Scorpio girlfriend would love nothing more than to use her skills to help her lady get there, then of course brag about how fantastic her partner is. Meanwhile Capricorn helps keep her Scorpio grounded throughout the worst of their fits, ever the calm earth sign. Scorpio’s emotional nature needs Capricorn’s logic and Capricorn needs Scorpio’s natural leadership abilities since they tend to wander around aimlessly and hate being in the spotlight. The Scorpio and Capricorn bond is your ultimate lesbian power couple.


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