On the Edge: Is Your Sign Really What You Think It Is?

Knowing your own zodiac sign is important to many people. It gives them a connection as big as the stars. Though personalities vary within the signs, there are core traits and values important to each of them. If you connect with your sign, it can feel good knowing there are others who share similar values. They can help you inform compatibility with friends or partners. Because of this, some consider it important to know the exact bracket for each sign. Getting it right, though, isn’t as simple as you think it is. You might imagine that all you have to know is the changeover point in the month and the sign associated with it. Reality, though, is a bit more tricky. If you or people in your life are born in the middle of the month, you might need to know a bit more to find your sign.

What’s Your Real Sign?

To figure out your sign accurately, you’ll need a zodiac calendar that takes years into account. Calculators like this one will provide an accurate birth sign, and plenty of other information. You can find out the precise location of all the other planets. Doing so just takes the time and date of your birth.

Why Does This Happen?

"The stars appear to shift position over time because of a wobble in the Earth's rotation"

“The stars appear to shift position over time because of a wobble in the Earth’s rotation”

Though we base our lives on the rotation of the earth, in our day-to-day lives it’s not an exact science. The planet doesn’t take exactly 365 days to rotate, that’s why we have leap years. The Equinox, the point where day and night are the same length, does not fall on the same calendar day this year. Just like these dates aren’t always the same, the stars don’t always rise on the same night.

Tropical Zodiac

"Tropical Zodiac - A western astrology that relies on the earth and star's position"

“Tropical Zodiac – A western astrology that relies on the earth and star’s position”

When looking at zodiac dates, you may come across blaring headlines that almost everyone’s sign is wrong. A recent article asserted that the slow but steady shift of stars over thousands of years has displaced the zodiac almost a month. They also assert the discovery of a thirteenth sign, Ophiuchus. (The placement of the sign comes after Scorpio, and comes at the expense of most of the sign’s time.) It’s important to note, though, that there are two approaches to the zodiac. There is the sidereal zodiac, which relies completely on the star’s position. Western culture, though, uses the tropical zodiac. This mixes earth and stars, using the equinox as a fixed point for certain signs. There is still some wiggle room with the tropical zodiac, so double check if you’re on the edge.

Does it Matter?

Growing up knowing you’re a certain sign is important to some. If you feel like you fit within your sign, then you don’t have to just throw it away. Human beings are as complicated as the stars above us. Being born on the cusp between two signs means that the stars are becoming something new. If you identify with both signs, that’s great. If your new sign feels wrong, though, you don’t have to give your old one up. After all, it’s helped guide you through your life so far.


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