Runecasting 101: What It Is and Why You Need It

"Runecasting works deeply with the subconscious"

“Runecasting works deeply with the subconscious”

Tarot, palmistry, astrology, psychic mediums – these are all different kinds of divination that most people are familiar with. Whether you saw an ad on television or picked up a tarot deck of your own, most people know the basics of each of the above. When it comes to rune casting, however, far fewer people are educated. This art that goes back to the period of the Vikings has been used for centuries to help better understand mankind and its connection to the universe, and the practice continues today.

The Basics

A lot of people confuse rune casting with fortune telling, which is as understandable as it is inaccurate. Rune casting taps into your subconscious and helps you to guide your present more than it predicts your future. Much like other forms of divination, you’ll ask your reader your question out loud. This allows your subconscious to focus entirely on your question, and it’s this energy that allows the correct rune to surface. This is why it’s critical that you remain focused on your question since wandering thoughts can lead to confused runes.

Unlike other forms of divination you’re typically going to focus on one subject and that subject is going to be as focused as possible. The goal of your rune reading is to provide a specific topic that the runes can help walk you through, a question that they can give you points of action on. You want to ask things like “Am I on the right track for a promotion?” This way if you are, your runes will indicate that you should continue on as you are. If you aren’t, this gives the runes an opportunity to provide you with alternate actions you can take.

What Is a Rune Casting Like?

"A runecaster does not see the future else examines cause and effect and points out a likely outcome."

“A runecaster does not see the future else examines cause and effect and points out a likely outcome.”

There are several methods your psychic can use when it comes to rune readings, but they all boil down to a basic premise. You’ll ask your question and your reader will make a judgment call as to which reading is going to provide the most accurate information for you in settings ranging from one to nine runes. The vast majority of the runes pulled will focus on potential actions and the futures that they might lead to. For example, if you ask the runes how you can improve your love life you may get Kenaz, the rune for vision and knowledge. This tells you that you need to educate yourself further, do some more studying and perhaps even work on improving yourself before you’re ready for a love life.

Your reader will walk you through each rune and what it means depending on the kind of rune casting spread he or she has chosen in addition to where that rune is placed. That same rune, Kenaz, would mean something entirely different if placed in a future position. There it might mean that whatever action precedes it will lead to the improvement you’ve been looking for provided that you’re able to overcome the obstacles also laid out in your rune spread.


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