Simple Ways Your Astrology Reader Can Make You More Comfortable

Astrology readings aren’t always the most enjoyable when the reader is inexperienced or using shady tactics. A client who wants to know about their astrological chart and influences needs to feel comfortable and safe in the presence of a reader; someone whom they are giving a lot of personal information to. In order to be comfortable at your own astrology reading, take these things into consideration when picking a reader for yourself.

Only Asking for Pertinent Information

"A true reader only asks to the point questions and gives results on the basis of that"

“A true reader only asks to the point questions and gives results on the basis of that”

Even the most enthusiastic astrology enthusiast can be skeptical of certain readers. Because of the high chance of being conned that is present in the fields of psychic readings, clients are always on alert for even the slightest hint of deception or anything that could be a red flag. One of the most suspected methods of fraudulent psychic reading is asking for way too much information or doing research beforehand in order to get information on the client. A true reader will make their client comfortable by only asking pertinent and reasonable questions, not inquiring about their life history.

Making Sure the Location is Right

Regardless of whether the reading occurs online or in person, astrology readings should have the right atmosphere. This doesn’t include spooky shop decorum or moons and stars website backgrounds. An astrology reading setting should be open, inviting, and very light and soft. This includes colors like light green, golds, browns, and other muted tones that are sunny but still give off a sense of elegance. These colors also allow a client to be more comfortable and open up, whereas other decorations and color patterns may add an air of mystery, which closes off a client from being truly open with a reader.

Being Friendly and Familiar Yet Professional

"The reader with frank yet professional nature makes their client comfortable"

“The reader with frank yet professional nature makes their client comfortable”

Even those who are hardcore astrology buffs can get the jitters when going to a reading. Especially when they aren’t familiar with the reader, clients can feel a little nervous and jittery and might not be as telling as they would be totally uninhibited. To curb this, readers should know how to talk to their clients as if they were on an acquaintance level of interaction while still maintaining a professional demeanor. Being friendly yet professional is a surefire way to both instill trust in the reader/client relationship, but it also maintains a familiarity that allows for the easy passage of information.

Knowing When Too Much is Really Too Much

Not everyone is truly happy with what they have to hear from an astrology reading. It’s often that some disturbing news or a bad personality facet is brought to light, causing the client to be distressed or angered. While it’s important for a reader to be truthful in situations where the reading can be hurtful, they also have to understand that there’s a fine line between being informative and being insulting or prying. It’s the job of the astrologer to state the facts, but not to state them in a way that can be construed as anything but reading charts and using their knowledge of the stars.


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