Understanding the Origins and Practice of Runic Readings

When it comes to getting a psychic reading done, you’ll probably find that you have way more options than you ever expected. Of course, not every psychic is going to be a practitioner of every type of reading, but most will dabble in a few methods and won’t focus just on one. One of the most underrated kind of psychic readings is also one of the most ancient: runic reading (also known as runic magic). With rune reading having its roots in the Germanic Iron Age, it’s one of the oldest types of readings around. However, despite that fact many people choose to go to practitioners who divine using other, more modern methods of reading, such as the Tarot. If you find that you’re interested in runic reading but aren’t sure whether it’s more reliable than the other kinds of reading you can get, it’s not a bad idea to educate yourself about runes and just what they entail.

Historical Significance

"Runes had magical significance to their users"

“Runes had magical significance to their users”

Runes were form of magic in ancient, as evidenced by the Icelandic magical staves that were described in textbooks of magic that hailed from the 17th century. These staves had runes carved into them, with the intent being to create magical effects. For example, if a married couple were hoping for a baby, they may have inscribed a stave with the rune “feingur,” which symbolized fertility. A trader or soldier who travelled may have inscribed a rune with the symbol “lukkustafir,” which was believed to protect the carrier from evil regardless of where he travelled. Essentially, the magical staves were talismans carried by those who inscribed them.

The runes used in runic readings are descended from the runes used on the magical staves and in some cases are the same. This means that using runes as symbols of power or as tools to help find contentment is a practice that dates back centuries, making it one of the oldest types of psychic tools.

Modern vs. Ancient Practice

"The method of practicing runecasting is same as of ancient times"

“The method of practicing runecasting is same as of ancient times”

The method of using runes to divine is much the same as it was in ancient days. The Roman senator Tacitus wrote about the Germanic tribes that were not a part of the Roman empire in a book called “Germania.” In his book, Tacitus describes the practice of rune reading as practiced by these Germanic tribes in which runes were cast onto a white cloth. Depending on how they fell and the order they fell in, the runes were then picked up and their meanings interpreted.

Runic readings happen in much the same way nowadays. Whereas the ancient tools consisted of runes carved into wood or stone, modern runes come in various forms. Popular runes in modern practice are made of clay, gemstones, ceramic tiles, and even glass.

Still Reliable?

Consider the fact that with any kind of psychic reading you receive, you’re essentially at the whim of whatever arcane powers are out there. This means that regardless of whether you’re getting a reading done with the Tarot or with runes, you’ll never be able to predict what will happen. You should also consider that using runes to make divinations is a practiced with very ancient roots, and that there’s likely a reason that the practice still exists today.


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