Using an Astrology Reader to Check Partner Compatibility

The world of dating can be a very hairy place: literally. Between the various types of guys and girls out there, worrying about how psycho they’ll turn a few weeks into the relationship, and how simpatico you are in the bedroom, looking for a serious relationship partner can be a very scary thing. Luckily, with the help of astrology and a good chart reader, you can pick a potential mate, find out their date of birth, and then figure out just how good together you will be.

Relationship compatibility is one of the fundamentals of horoscope creation and astrology. Astrology chart readers are often enlisted by couples, or one half of a pair, to discover just how in sync they truly are with their significant other, often times with dead on results.

Your Own Sign

"Zodiac sign tells a lot about a person, so learn about your sign"

“Zodiac sign tells a lot about a person, so learn about your sign”

Knowing your own sign is the first step to understanding anything about yourself AND others in how they relate to you. Your sign is the simplest form of astrology and can be found out simply by knowing your birthdate. The month and day you were born coincide with twelve different astrological signs. Once you know which you are, you can then move on to learning about the sign that is associated with you.

Knowing your zodiac sign can tell a lot about you as a person. Many find the traits listed with their sign to be uncanny in how they relate to them. These can include personality facets, likes and dislikes, your attitude about certain situations, and much more.

If you’re already in tune with your own astrological details, now it’s time to discover your partner’s sign.

Your Partner’s Sign

If you know your date’s birthday, then you know their sign. Depending on how much you know about the specific time and place your partner was born, you can narrow down even more astrological information on them. Providing this information to a reader can make them even more aware of the specific traits and mannerisms your supposed match holds.

Your Signs Together

"Ask for the pros and cons of combining your sign with your partner's sign"

“Ask for the pros and cons of combining your sign with your partner’s sign”

Once you’re sure of your sign and theirs, it’s time to compare the two of them where compatibility is concerned. It’s extremely important to get a reader involved at this stage in order to correctly gauge the compatibility of your astrology charts. Remember: just because your signs are polar opposites does not mean that you’re necessarily incompatible. For instance, a fire sign and a water sign might be very different in basic areas, but the pros and cons of both will balance each other out and create harmony in the relationship.

Signs can combine two different people to form one solid partnership, take two similar people and send them on a whirlwind trip with a relationship from hell, or meet somewhere in the middle. Depending on your exact signs and astrology charts, you may never know exactly what’s in the cards for the two of you without actually consulting a reader about what your star charts actually say.

Also, remember that astrology shouldn’t be the main factor in staying with someone or splitting up. Trust your gut and see how compatible the two of you really are while using astrology to guide you in your relationship.


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