Why It’s Important to Know Your Astrological Weaknesses

Most people have a pretty decent idea of what their astrological sign is as well as some of the traits that go with it. But many people conveniently forget that there are some less than pleasing negative traits that come with the territory. They’re easily forgotten and never spoken of until you skim over them in a horoscope reading. But, whether we like it or not, it’s important to know what our negatives are. Stop ignoring them and embrace them, because that’s the only way to benefit from them. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.


"You will able to identify your personality traits"

“You will able to identify your personality traits”

It’s not always the easiest thing to talk about what our bad personality traits are. When you go through a book or reading that’s done for your astrological sign you will most likely find them written down. This makes it a lot easier to accept them, actually. When the writer sets up what people tend to have as negative attributes, they try to list them in a way that shows the positives side too. Stubbornness turns to loyalty, snobbery turns to intelligence, laziness turns to easygoing, etc. Looking at it that way definitely makes it easier to acknowledge that these traits exist and tells you what you can turn them into.


"You will know who you are and what you should do to improve your behavior"

“You will know who you are and what you should do to improve your behavior”

In your daily life it’s much more difficult to recognize when you’re not being the best version of yourself that you can be. Having your sign’s unappealing qualities listed in your phone or wallet can be a daily reminder to keep an eye out for them. Then as soon as you see the ugly side of your personality emerging you can recognize it, stop, and change things. This might be taming quick anger or stopping others from walking all over you. Building up these weaknesses is a wonderful exercise in accepting yourself and changing for the better. Sometimes it just takes a little push in the right direction to get there, which your astrological sign can help with.


You’ll notice that when you start acting on changing these characteristic weaknesses that your relationships will get better automatically. Even if you aren’t always having issues with people treating you like a doormat, when you do have it happen and you stand up for yourself you can be sure that they’ll remember. It improves how others think of you, how you think of yourself, and how you project yourself to the world. If you’ve ever wanted to try and come to a perfect peace in life (a lifetime goal, for sure) it’s highly recommended that you act on these imperfections every day. Small things like too much pride or stinginess can reflect even in small doses. Maybe you’re too proud to admit that you messed up a small, unimportant detail at work. It would be easy to lie so you don’t look bad, but instead you will know that this is a habitual astrological weakness that can be corrected. Own up to it and move on. Nothing detrimental happens, you just improve.


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