Why You Can’t Expect 100% Accuracy from a Psychic Reader

Tarot card readings are usually meant to be fun and guiding, not as concrete directions for you while you travel your life’s map. Still, accuracy is an important aspect of tarot card reading. Without some accuracy, you’re basically flushing your money away. Although having a high percentage of accuracy is crucial in a tarot card reading, it’s unrealistic to expect a reader will hit the nail on the head with every card and every spread.

Psychic Readings are Very Interpretive

"Psychic readings are not as clear cut and can be very symbolic"

“Psychic readings are not as clear cut and can be very symbolic”

If you think back to your days in English classes, you’ll remember reading books and passages and talking about the symbolic and implied meanings of many images present in the literature. Like deeper meanings in literature, the Tarot can be very symbolic and not as clear cut as you’d like it to be, with many layers of meaning and potential inferences. Unlike literature, however, the Tarot doesn’t always have one consistent and agreed upon meaning.

Because the Tarot can be so interpretive, it’s hard to get a completely accurate reading that wholly applies to the situation at hand. Depending on how the reader, or you personally, interpret the cards, the outcome may be drastically different because they’re open to many different and varied interpretations.

All Psychics Have Different Understandings of Their Medium

"Every psychic has its own psychic abilities, so results may be different"

“Every psychic has its own psychic abilities, so results may be different”

Much like the cards are very interpretive, the psychics you read them are all very different in the interpretations they know and understand. While every card in the deck has a specific meaning, these can vary and shift depending on the culture of the reader, who taught them how to read, and their own latent psychic abilities. There is never just one clear cut answer when reading tarot cards, and as such, multiple readers will never read the same cards in the same spread the same way. Where one sees a new beginning, the other may see a journey coming to an end. Tarot meanings can be vague and highly dependent on outside influences that a tarot reader isn’t aware of, thus skewing the reading even further.

You’re A Person with a Lot of Variables

Along the same lines, you’re a person who has had many experiences and has lived many a day in life. Because of your uniqueness and background, a tarot card reader who doesn’t know everything about you may interpret the cards without taking this into consideration. It’s not their job to know every detail of your life, so it isn’t necessarily their fault for giving an incorrect interpretation of the cards. For instance, drawing a card that usually means fertility in their case can create an awkward situation if they explain this to a client who cannot conceive.

The many variables that exist within yourself can make it almost impossible for a tarot card reader to hit the mark every single time. Instead of expecting them to know everything about you, help them out when you know they hit the wrong mark. Sometimes it’s just as simple as not choosing the right interpretation of the card, and they can quickly set you back on the right track by picking the one that makes the most sense.


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