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The layout might be nice, but that's about all this site has going for it. They just don't advertise themselves effectively, meaning that they don't attract any businessÉor any psychics to staff them.

One thing that we can say about is that the layout is at least pretty easy to use. It’s clean and bright, and that’s about where our positive comments stop.

Otherwise, it needs work.

This is a site that might have a pretty face, but it just doesn’t have a lot in the way of solid numbers. You need a lot more than a pretty layout in order to bring people in.

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This site doesn’t attract a lot of professionals because of poor marketing strategies, and this is something that fortunately, could be pretty easily fixed overall.

Maybe they’ll end up picking up the slack there and fixing this in the future. We’d like for a site that’s at least as well-organized as this one to get on the ball and bring in more professionals.

The Numbers to Avoid

During our AstroCenter rating, we can’t say that we were all that impressed. This is a site that really needs to work on their traffic, and that’s something that’s going to bug you.

It’s not active.

image AstroCenter overlay

Our reviews of the top astrology reading sites will get you to the places that really work.

They have their first hump to deal with when it comes to their screening process, which is just plain not great. They could only get a 6 out of 10 on our rating scale for this.

They, as previously mentioned, really need to up their numbers in the way of available psychics, too. This is why we could only rate this site a 6 out of 10 overall.

Their customer service is also fairly laggy. Our final score for this particular site, because getting a response took days, was only a 5.5 out of 10. Hopefully, this will improve.

Site Features Aren’t Good

Finding more exciting things about the AstroCenter astrology site was like pulling teeth, to be honest. They only have basic information and minimal psychics on staff here.

They need to move forward.

The site is a well-organized one, but with only very basic information, that’s not going to help them get very far. This is a site that needs a lot of improvement and novel info.

They also just don’t have a lot of active psychics with different reading capabilities. This kills the accuracy, so our rating was only a 5.5 out of 10 overall for our review.

We also found that the prices were on the high side. A per minute price of $1.90 is certainly too much for us on a site that doesn’t tend to boast a lot of specialities at all.

Horrible Site Resources

Their jobs page really shows how much they don’t care about you:

Their glossary for tarot is honestly just a big laughing stock to us:

With this glossary, you’ll find nothing that you didn’t already know: Astrology Readings That You Won’t Get? That’s This Site

Our review was really not on the higher end of things, and it just didn’t end up living up to most of our expectations. This is a site that definitely needs work.

It’s not good enough.

Between their poor customer service and a lack of a money back guarantee, you’re already going to find yourself feeling somewhat limited whenever you’re using this site.

This is a site that just doesn’t have enough going on right now. We’re hoping that they amp up their advertisement game in the future, but right now it’s pretty slim pickings.

With all of this in mind, you’re going to continuously struggle to get reliable, consistent readings here. This is something that’s going to plague you while using it.

You can do better.

Instead of wasting your time here, you should be checking out our number one site for astrology readings online, and that site is We know that it works.

Give it a shot, and you’re quickly going to be able to find some of the most reliable professionals that you’ve ever had to do business with. This site definitely gives you what you want.

With fair pricing and excellent customer service, you can’t go wrong here. This is a site that you can trust, and it’s the site that we personally keep coming back to for a reason.

Give it a go. You’re not going to end up regretting it; we’re sure of that through our own results.


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