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The layout definitely needs work, as it's really not suited to an astrology site. The prices need work, too - they're above the average, and when a site barely has any psychics on it, there's no real justification. is a very confusing site to try and work through, and it’s also very dated. This site is basically one long scrolling page, without any real navigation.

That’s no fun.

When a website is already going to be lacking in the way of actual, solid navigation, that’s a sign that it’s just not going to end up being put together well in anyway.

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That is, unfortunately, the case with this particular site. You’ll find yourself really struggling to even find links to the live psychics on this particular site, which really sucks.

If you want to end up finding the kinds of readings that you can trust, it’s probably not going to be here. They just don’t have a large number of reliable specialists on call.

The Numbers Aren’t For Anyone

Our AstroDreamAdvisor rating was really a challenge, and that’s because this site was very hard to even find our way around. That’s obviously going to be a turn off for newbies.

It doesn’t get better.

With a site like this one, you’ll have a hard time really narrowing down their selection process. This is a problem, obviously, and it turned us off big time, so our rating was a 4.5 out of 10.

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They also just don’t have any real counts of available psychics. Rarely is it the same person, however, so we can assume low numbers, and we rated it a 4.5 out of 10.

Their customer service is very slow and sluggish in general, so we could only end up rating this site a 4 out of 10. They really need to start thinking of upping their staff.

Site Features You Don’t Need or Want

Digging through the AstroDreamAdvisor astrology site is certainly an adventure. It has a lot of opinions that aren’t quite true, and a lot of information you shouldn’t trust.

It’s a jumble.

Because this site is so poorly designed, it’s very hard to even piece together all that we found here. We do know that automated readings tend to be the norm on this site.

This means that accuracy is a huge problem. You’ll find that in our rating, which was only a 4 out of 10 overall, and that’s not going to improve until professionals show up.

This site just needs to lower its prices, too. For a basic live chat, you’ll find yourself paying a total of $3.13 per minute, which is simply far too much for the quality.

Lacking Links

Their explanations of dreams here are really questionable at best:

Their services page is just not going to give you anything at all:

With this Facebook page, you’re just going to be left in the dark: Just Not Good Enough For Your Astrology Readings

We were really not happy with, and we can’t imagine that you’ll be interested in sending your cash to this site in the future, either. It’s just not good enough.

You need more than this.

If this site doesn’t end up really cleaning up its layout, you’re never going to be satisfied with using it. This site definitely has some issues to work out in that particular regard.

Because of this, this is a site that’s going to drive off a lot of professionals, and that means that available psychic numbers are going to typically quite low on this one.

You can end up spending your money here, or on a site that’s going to actually give you a selection of viable psychics. This is a site that really just makes your head hurt.

Stay away.

Instead of spending time on an astrology reading site that’s just not working for you, you should be checking out our number one site online, and that’s

You deserve to be able to have it easy, and with our top site, you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to find a real psychic that you can trust. You deserve to have it that way.

You’ll also find that the pricing is competitive and affordable, and that you won’t have to kill yourself to find a psychic guru that wants to meet with you on your schedule.

This is the site that we keep coming back to for a reason. It’s the site that really works!


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