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With a clunky and outdated layout like this, customers won't be attracted to a site - and with no customers to service, psychic professionals won't be interested in sticking around. It just doesn't work. is a site that definitely needs work, just from first glance. The layout itself is very tacky and looks like it was built by a web template years ago.

It’s not good.

Aside from the serious lack of web savviness present in the layout, you’ll also find that this site just doesn’t have a lot of information floating around that you’ll want.

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Even newbies will know this kind of stuff. It’s nice to have some brief explanations of basic readings, but this site just doesn’t even try to elaborate beyond that.

You’ll also find that the low numbers present here aren’t going to do you any favors. If you want regular readings, you’ll really have to fight for them on this site.

The Numbers Aren’t the Top

We found ourselves not all that thrilled to dig in deep with our AstrologyByLydia rating, and that’s because this site didn’t have much to really offer in the first place.

That didn’t change.

First of all, exploring their screening process wasn’t terribly enlightening. As far as we can tell, anyone that says they have talent can sign up, so we could only rate this site a 3.5 out of 10.

overlay img for AstrologyByLydia

We tested the top astrology reading sites on the web to get the facts on who’s on top.

There aren’t a lot of psychics floating around here either way. Mostly it’s just Lydia, and her associates. This means that we could only rate this site a 4 out of 10.

The customer service is also very slow and laggy here, which is going to be a cause of concern. We ultimately could only end up rating this site a 3.5 out of 10 for this.

Site Features to Avoid Overall

The AstrologyByLydia astrology site is lacking in a number of ways, which is unfortunate. There’s potential in Lydia’s talent, but that’s about as far as the site really goes.

It’s not enough.

A site like this one needs to really branch out to bring in more traffic. As is, the site is very barren, which scares away professionals and clients alike in the long run.

This also impacts accuracy. Without a variety of techniques at work, we found ourselves only able to give this site an accuracy rating of 4 out of 10 overall, which is no good.

The price is also unfortunately on the high side, and that’s why we found ourselves balking at the average per minute price of $2.15 that was present on this site.

Bad Resources

This Facebook page is really not good at all:

Their newsletter here isn’t going to help you out in the slightest:

If you want good articles, you aren’t going to find them here: Just Not Good Enough for Your Astrology Readings

There’s nothing very impressive about, and ultimately, this is a site that needs a lot of work. You’ll find yourself really fighting to make this one work.

It’s not good enough.

A site like this one needs to start with cleaning up its layout, and then it needs to move on from there. The site just needs to really start building up a more professional image.

It also needs more content. It’s nice to be able to get readings, but a blog or a forum would really be able to give this site a boost in the right direction as a general rule.

This site also doesn’t seem to have a money back guarantee, which is a cause for concern. With this in mind, this is a site that you might have some trouble trusting.

Avoid it.

Instead of wasting your time on a site that’s only going to end up giving you a headache, make sure that you check out our number one site instead, and that’s

If you’re looking for accurate, reliable astrology readings, then you’ll be able to find them at our top site. It’s the site that we always personally go to for our own readings.

If you want a psychic reader that you can trust, then definitely check it out. There are a ton of professionals there that are looking to give you the counseling that you need.

Don’t miss it.

Finding a great psychic reader doesn’t have to be an act of congress. You can make this happen, and it’s literally all going to be on this one site. Trust us on that one.

Good luck!


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