Your Essential Guide to Online Astrology Readings

When you’re reading through our astrology reading guide, you’re going to quickly find all of the information that you need in one place. That’s why we’ve designed it–for people that are like us.

It’s a lot easier.

With our advice, it’s not going to be rocket science for you to come out on top with a great reader online. You’ll get the readings that you want faster, and excellent results to boot.

Beyond the Horoscope Section: Finding an Astrologer That Delivers

Finding an astrologer that you can trust to deliver you great results every single time is what you need. It’s a lot easier than you’d imagine it to be, so let us help.

How Free Astrology Readings Will Cost You in the Worst Ways

Free astrology readings might sound like the best thing out there, but it’s akin to reading your horoscope in the newspaper. It’s really not going to tell you much.

Spotting a Legitimate Astrology Site, Right from the Front Page

Being able to spot a legitimate site is what you need, especially when it comes to astrology. Let us show you how you can pick out the best and brightest sites.

Real Astrology vs the Funny Papers: Why Automated Readings Don’t Cut It

Automated readings might sound pretty cool, but they’re only going to end up disappointing. Here’s why you really need to avoid these kinds of things online.

Saving Cash on Astrology Reading Without Sacrificing Quality

We know that you’ve got a budget, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Let us teach you how to save some cash while still getting some really quality readings.

Spiritual Topics You Never Knew Your Astrology Reader Could Help With

There are a lot of topics that you might never even think to ask your reader about, but they can really end up tackling them thoroughly. We’ve got a few ideas.

Sneaky Variables That Can Make or Break Your Online Reading

You don’t want to end up destroying an online reading unintentionally. Here’s a few things that you might want to think about before you jump right into your reading.

Speaking to the Stars: Questions That You Should & Shouldn’t Ask

Some questions aren’t going to go over as well as you might think. These are the kinds of questions that you should be avoiding, and others that are great.

Crystals and Stars: Finding an Astrologer With Skill in Multiple Mediums

Finding an astrologer that has mastered different aspects of their trade is always a good idea, and it can really end up pointing you in the right direction faster.

When “Helping” Doesn’t Help: Applying Personal Astrology Knowledge in a Reading

When you know a thing or two about astrology yourself, you might want to show off. That’s not always going to end up giving you the results that you want.

How to React to Readings With Strongly Negative or Positive Outlooks

If you want to get readings, sometimes, they’re going to sway very strongly one way or the other. You need to know how to handle both of these in general.

Drifting Through the Cosmos: Easy Tips to Clarify Vague Readings

There’s a chance that you’ll get a lot of vague readings, especially from newbie readers. Here’s how to decipher those and really deal with them overall.

Outlook Unclear: Managing an Astrology Reading You’re Not Satisfied With

If you aren’t satisfied with your reading, not all is lost. You just need to know how to tackle it head on, and fortunately, we know the best ways to address those issues.

Is That Reader Worth a Second Visit? See How They Measure Up

Seeing how a reader measures up during a reading can tell you if they’re worth seeing regularly. Fortunately, we know the tell-tale signs of an amazing reader.


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Top Picks for Astrology Readings

#1 Site: Kasamba
#2 Site: AskNow
#3 Site: PsychicSource
#4 Site: CaliforniaPsychics
#5 Site: HollywoodPsychics


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