When “Helping” Doesn’t Help: Applying Personal Astrology Knowledge in a Reading

Many of us that are extremely knowledgeable in the realm of psychics and readings are going to have done a lot of research on our own. That means we know…quite a bit.

Don’t be a know it all, though.

It’s tempting to show off during a reading and talk about what you know on your own end. Unfortunately, this can end up really limiting the gaze of your own reader.

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Why? Because it’s basically too many cooks spoiling the broth. You’re going to end up interfering, and that’s going to frustrate your psychic into giving more vague readings.

While you might think that you’re developing psychic powers, it’s best to leave the very detailed readings to the experts until you’re entirely sure of your own gifts.

Your Own Talent is a Good Thing, but Be Careful of Spoiling Your Readings. Here’s What to Avoid.

We know that you’ve got your own insight, and we know that you’re just trying to help your reader along. If you do this too much, however, your reader can’t really read you.

This is going to end up being a serious issue, and it can make you waste all of that cash that you wanted to throw down into your actual reading. You don’t want to do this.

Instead, it’s best to really take a break from being a backseat driver, and to just relax regarding what happens in your reading. Obviously, ask questions, but calm down from there.

Talk to your reader first.

Everyone has preferences. That means chatting with your reader to find out the kind of environment and setting that they like during a reading is important to do so before it begins.

For example, some readers are really going to enjoy when it’s turned into a dialogue. This means that you can chat and share what you’re feeling on your own end.

This extra input can definitely make some readers flourish, and this is an important personal astrology tip for you to follow. That being said, not all readers are this way.

Don’t push.

Discussion of Astrological Reading

On the flipside, some readers are going to feel like your constant chatter will throw them off, and make it very difficult for them to get an actual reading on you overall.

If this is the case, stick to questions only when it’s pertinent, and don’t push too hard in order to get a response out of your reader. They obviously need more focus, and that’s okay.

Pushing your reader too hard is only going to end up giving you a disappointing, vague reading that’s never going to hit the nail on the head, so relax, and sit back in this case.

Discuss beforehand.

If you’re really interested in bringing your own knowledge into your readings, then you’re going to need to actually take the time to talk to your reader about that beforehand.

Some readers are going to really be into that idea, while others are going to be very against it. You just need to approach every single reader as an individual situation.

Whatever the case may be, don’t let your own research undermine the professional expertise of your reader, unless they are obviously doing something very wrong.

Take it easy.

In general, just try to relax during your readings. Remember, you’re paying for this service, and you do need to let them do their job so that they can really help you.

Your reader is a counselor and a guide, and you should always try to take their advice first. Just relax, and you’ll end up with a much better experience from them overall.

We’re sure of it!


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