Gemstones You Need for Accurate Divination

When it comes to having a good psychic session, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make yourself as open and receptive to the session as possible. While doing things like relax, rest well, take long baths and even meditate can help you prepare there are a few additional precautions you can take as well. Carrying the right gemstones and crystals in your pocket can help enhance your session by making you more open to the divination session. If you’re about to head out for a session with your psychic, here’s a list of a few gems and crystals you may want to have jingling around in your pocket. Agate Before you enter any psychic session you want to make sure you’re grounded, and agate will help you do that. The questions you bring into a session can be understandably emotional; generally you’re going to have a lot of yourself invested in what you bring into that room. A piece of agate in your pocket can help ease some of that panic and increase the likelihood that you’ll walk out with a good, accurate reading. Amethyst There’s very little that amethyst isn’t good for. It’s the ultimate healing stone for anything that ails you, including your…

Common Misconceptions about Psychic Readings That You Should Disregard

Most people’s exposure to anything psychic is what they see in popular media. For example, many people may have only seen tarot cards in the movies. Because psychic tools are seen so frequently in movies, there are a lot of misconceptions that have popped up regarding just how they work. People who believe in these misconceptions will likely find themselves disappointed when should they ever decide to get a psychic reading done for themselves. If you fall into that category, it’s a good idea to educate yourself a little in order to make sure you’re not disappointed because you believed something that wasn’t true. Psychic Readings Are Pinpoint Accurate This isn’t to say that a psychic reading can’t be accurate, because they can be. However, expecting tarot cards to reveal every minute detail about your life for the next five years is expecting far too much. In movies, tarot cards often reveal very descriptive details about a person. This isn’t how it works. In most cases, the Tarot is used to divine opportunities and to reveal choices a person can make in order to take advantage of those opportunities. If you’re expecting your psychic reading is going to be pinpoint accurate, you’re likely going to be disappointed. It’s better to…

3 Crystals to Use When Looking for Love

Love isn’t just in the air on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. People all over the world are looking for someone to be with, and they’ll sometimes use some drastic measures to do so. While crystal meditation isn’t exactly an uncouth or dangerous method, many don’t actually consider the possibility that crystals can help enhance your charm and strengthen your compassion, as well as bring men and women to you in droves. The possibility of finding love because of crystal meditation is extremely real, as long as you also put in equal effort to search. Just because you’re using crystals doesn’t mean the man or woman of your dreams is going to fall into your lap! Use these three crystals to find your Romeo or Juliet. Rhodochrosite A crystal as pink as a candied Valentine’s heart, Rhodochrosite is infused with hot fuchsias and soft whites, creating a stone that looks every bit like the purpose it holds. Instead of being a crystal that focuses on getting you more dates or getting you under someone’s sheets, this pink stone allows for mind clarity and unity. In order to truly love others, it’s said that you will have to love and cherish yourself first. In order to truly appreciate yourself, you need to…


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