Why You Can’t Expect 100% Accuracy from a Psychic Reader

Tarot card readings are usually meant to be fun and guiding, not as concrete directions for you while you travel your life’s map. Still, accuracy is an important aspect of tarot card reading. Without some accuracy, you’re basically flushing your money away. Although having a high percentage of accuracy is crucial in a tarot card reading, it’s unrealistic to expect a reader will hit the nail on the head with every card and every spread. Psychic Readings are Very Interpretive If you think back to your days in English classes, you’ll remember reading books and passages and talking about the symbolic and implied meanings of many images present in the literature. Like deeper meanings in literature, the Tarot can be very symbolic and not as clear cut as you’d like it to be, with many layers of meaning and potential inferences. Unlike literature, however, the Tarot doesn’t always have one consistent and agreed upon meaning. Because the Tarot can be so interpretive, it’s hard to get a completely accurate reading that wholly applies to the situation at hand. Depending on how the reader, or you personally, interpret the cards, the outcome may be drastically different because they’re open to many different and varied interpretations. All Psychics Have Different Understandings of…

Know Before You Go: What the Pentacles Suit Means in Your Reading

There are two major divisions of the tarot: the major and minor arcana. The major arcana are your powerhouse cards, the larger embodiments of the major influences in the deck like hope and love. The minor arcana tend to be more nuanced and focused, a task made easier by the fact that they’re all divided into four additional categories: pentacles, wands, cups and swords. Each has a major area of influence, and today we’re going to review the type of power the suit of pentacle wields when it comes up in your reading. The Positive / Neutral In a very broad sense the pentacles suit deals with the physical. This often means money, but it can also refer to physical property or general material aspects of life such as business, work, and other things that help you gain earthly possessions. The positive cards of the deck pop up as references to an increase in your business luck or fortune. One of these appearing in your spread about a potential business venture could spell some serious future commercial success and a stable future income. Pentacles also deal with your external consciousness, mirroring situations that deal with health and creativity in addition to money and work. They reflect how we see our…


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