How to Live Up to Your Astrological Sign

The reason that so many people know what their astrological sign is is because, more often than not, they’re pretty accurate. Rarely do you meet someone who is totally off of their sign. But you may meet some people who aren’t quite where they’d like to be when it comes to their sign. You may be one of these people. The astrological signs are amazing indicators of a personality, both the positive and negative sides. If you love the positivity that your sign can portrait, then it can be a great thing to work towards. It doesn’t take as much effort as you may think; you’re already born under that sign! Just follow your instincts and these few steps to become the best version of your astrological sign that you can be. Look It Up You may think that you know all about your sign, but more likely than not there is a ton of information you aren’t privy to. Go online or to a book store and take the time to look up your sign to its fullest. If it’s possible, find a website or book that is dedicated to just your sign. You’ll get to know what your positive and negative temperaments are, what your preferences may be…

Getting to Know Your Future Baby Through Tarot Reading

When you’re having a baby it can be one of the most exciting times in your life. You and your partner have to wait nine whole months before you can meet the little being, though. While you know it will happen at some point, it’s easy to get impatient and want to know this person now. Luckily the Tarot is here to help you out. Obviously it can’t paint you a totally accurate picture, but it can get you started in your relationship with your child before it’s born. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then take these tips to your psychic and get started on your Tarot reading. Preparation When you’re getting ready to go to your reading take the time to try and connect with the baby inside of the mother’s stomach. If you’re the mother then that’s probably going to be a bit easier since you’re literally growing this person, but even as the father spending some time with your head against her belly can help you feel closer. This obviously works for gay couples as well, it just means having access to the pregnant woman’s stomach. If this isn’t possible, don’t fret, you can still get a clear picture by imagining your future child…

Four Tarot Cards You Should Not Take Lightly

Thanks to the way it’s been depicted in popular media, some of the meanings behind the Tarot have been largely misconstrued. For example, in movies when someone is confronted with the Death card, it always means that something bad-and in most cases, deadly-is lurking around the corner. The same goes with The Lovers, because once it appears in a spread in a movie or TV show it always signifies that romance is going to happen soon. If you’re thinking of getting a Tarot reading done, you should immediately erase all the meanings you think you know from tarot cards that you’ve gleaned from popular media. The cards have multiple meanings and some of those meanings will vary based on who you are and the questions you’ve asked of them. There are four cards in particular you should make the effort to learn about, because of what they represent and how it could affect you. 0, The Fool Many people assume that The Fool represents a carefree attitude and living without worries. However, that’s only one of the meanings. Should The Fool appear in a spread reversed (upside down), the meaning changes in a very big way. The Fool reversed warns against making reckless decisions without considering the consequences. Taking risks…

Decks Your Pagan Tarot Reader Must Own

When it comes to selecting a tarot reader, you have a lot of options. Despite the fact that divination itself is considered a new age practice, you can find readers who are non-religious, Christian, or of any other kind of faith. But if you’re looking for a Pagan reading, whether it’s because you want to find someone who can present the cards to you in a way that aligns with your religious beliefs or simply because you believe it’s the more traditional way to do a reading, you’ll want to make sure they have a few decks in particular at hand. These are the decks that every true, experienced Pagan tarot reader must have in their library. The Witches Tarot The Witches Tarot is a very basic, natural Pagan deck that has easy to interpret imagery. Based on the Rider-Waite deck concept, it’s far more toned down insofar as Pagan symbolism goes than you may expect from the title or the large silver pentacle stamped on the back of each card. The up side of a deck like this is that it appeals to all audiences; it’s a good deck for a Pagan reader to own and use on those who are new to tarot, or for those who may…

A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Readings

If you’ve ever done even a little bit of research into psychic readings, you’ve probably discovered that there are many different types of readings you can get done. When people think about psychic readings they tend to think of tarot cards or palm reading, but there are so many other methods that can be used to divine the future. Crystals are a trusted, common tool used in psychic readings and have been for centuries. If you’re thinking about getting a psychic to do a crystal reading for you, it may not be a bad idea to get a little educated about crystals and how they relate to psychic readings first. Crystallomancy Crystallomancy is the term given to the method of divining visions by entering a trance state while gazing into some kind of crystal surface. If you’re envisioning a gypsy staring into a crystal ball, you’re right on point. However, crystallomancy does not depend entirely on a crystal ball. The tools used for this type of reading can vary and can include any type of shiny or reflective object. While actual crystal balls are common in many cases, so too are gem stones crystalline in nature or mirrors. Psychics that make use of crystal balls won’t necessarily use a large…

6 Crystals to Help You Destress

Stress is no laughing matter. It can have a profound impact on your ability to get through the day, keeping you from thinking clearly and even negatively affecting your physical health. The more stressed you are the lower your immune system is, and the lower your immune system is the more vulnerable you are to illnesses. Thankfully you don’t have to give your life up to stress. If you find yourself losing it mid-day, consider carrying around a few of these crystals to help you find your center again. Amethyst Amethyst is great for a lot of things, but its ability to cleanse or eliminate negative energy is what makes it a great stone for clearing out stress. It helps you think and act with a clarity you simply can’t attain when stress has fogged your mind, reducing things like tension headaches and fatigue. Wear amethyst around your neck to help prevent migraines and to ward off feelings of being overwhelmed. Citrine A pivotal stone for success in attaining our goals, citrine is often referred to as the happiness stone. With close connections to the sun, it attracts joy and helps to clear out the clouds to bring a bright outlook to its wearer. This outlook can make all the…

4 Gems to Charge Your Life With Healing Energy

Stones are power. Humans have used them since the dawn of time to build structures for safety and places of worship. They don’t need to be towering to be powerful, though. Each type of stone has its own meaning. Psychics often use them to open the mind and aid in divination. Many people carry small stones around as tokens or in jewelry to bring good energy into their lives. They can bring luck into life, and also reduce stress. If you need some healing energy in your life, consider picking up a charm with one of these healing gems. Rose Quartz Hearts are tricky things. They exist, a real muscle that moves blood through the body. But there is another heart, the emotional center. And you cannot hold this heart, it can most certainly break. In these times, healing is not a simple matter. Rose quartz, though, has powerful energy to help heal a broken heart. This stone encourages love, starting love for oneself. It will also help dispel negative feelings associated with love. Rose quartz will help dispel feelings of heartache and loneliness should you reach out to it. Snowflake Obsidian Snow has long been a symbol of cleansing. The first fall of snow seems to muffle even the…

2 Ways to Use Tarot Cards Every Day

While it’s imperative to get a tarot card reader to give you an accurate reading on occasion, it’s unrealistic to pay for a tarot card reading every day of your life. If you want to utilize the Tarot on a daily basis, it can be difficult if you don’t have the resources or ability to talk to a reader every single day. Those who are strapped for cash or who can’t use the Internet to contact local readers, or even use readers online, can still find a way to incorporate the Tarot into their everyday life with relative ease. In fact, someone can read their own fortune within five minutes, making the most of their day while still incorporating psychic energy into their routine. Tarot can literally be utilized every day. By purchasing your own tarot card set and learning even a little about the meaning of some tarot cards can allow you to give yourself a daily reading in very minimal time. Tarot card reading doesn’t always have to involve a 45 minute reading in a dark room with a crystal ball. Tarot card readings can be had in your living room, while you’re still in bed, or even while you’re brushing your teeth. Drawing a Card Every Day…


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