Know Before You Go: What the Pentacles Suit Means in Your Reading

There are two major divisions of the tarot: the major and minor arcana. The major arcana are your powerhouse cards, the larger embodiments of the major influences in the deck like hope and love. The minor arcana tend to be more nuanced and focused, a task made easier by the fact that they’re all divided into four additional categories: pentacles, wands, cups and swords. Each has a major area of influence, and today we’re going to review the type of power the suit of pentacle wields when it comes up in your reading. The Positive / Neutral In a very broad sense the pentacles suit deals with the physical. This often means money, but it can also refer to physical property or general material aspects of life such as business, work, and other things that help you gain earthly possessions. The positive cards of the deck pop up as references to an increase in your business luck or fortune. One of these appearing in your spread about a potential business venture could spell some serious future commercial success and a stable future income. Pentacles also deal with your external consciousness, mirroring situations that deal with health and creativity in addition to money and work. They reflect how we see our…

How to Tell if Your Horoscope Is Coming from a Legitimate Source

Daily horoscopes can be found all over the place. From the daily newspaper, online websites to phone apps, even people who don’t entirely believe in astrology or psychics find it fun to check up and see what their fortune for the day is. But, no matter how much a person invests in their daily or weekly horoscope, it’s still important to know whether or not it’s coming from a legitimate source. Some websites and phone apps charge money for their horoscopes, so in certain cases it can be extra important to make sure a person is getting the most out of their reading. Here are a few things you can do in order to make sure that the horoscope you’re reading isn’t giving you anything but false promises. Make Sure to Read Reviews Before downloading an app or subscribing to a daily email for a horoscope, it’s important to read reviews and see what people are saying about the service. Sometimes with fake or novelty horoscopes will repeat themselves after a while. In some horoscope reviews, people had reported that on any given date, their horoscope was the exact same message word for word as the one they had received on the same date a year prior. Be reading reviews,…

Gemstones You Need for Accurate Divination

When it comes to having a good psychic session, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make yourself as open and receptive to the session as possible. While doing things like relax, rest well, take long baths and even meditate can help you prepare there are a few additional precautions you can take as well. Carrying the right gemstones and crystals in your pocket can help enhance your session by making you more open to the divination session. If you’re about to head out for a session with your psychic, here’s a list of a few gems and crystals you may want to have jingling around in your pocket. Agate Before you enter any psychic session you want to make sure you’re grounded, and agate will help you do that. The questions you bring into a session can be understandably emotional; generally you’re going to have a lot of yourself invested in what you bring into that room. A piece of agate in your pocket can help ease some of that panic and increase the likelihood that you’ll walk out with a good, accurate reading. Amethyst There’s very little that amethyst isn’t good for. It’s the ultimate healing stone for anything that ails you, including your…


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