Runecasting 101: What It Is and Why You Need It

Tarot, palmistry, astrology, psychic mediums – these are all different kinds of divination that most people are familiar with. Whether you saw an ad on television or picked up a tarot deck of your own, most people know the basics of each of the above. When it comes to rune casting, however, far fewer people are educated. This art that goes back to the period of the Vikings has been used for centuries to help better understand mankind and its connection to the universe, and the practice continues today. The Basics A lot of people confuse rune casting with fortune telling, which is as understandable as it is inaccurate. Rune casting taps into your subconscious and helps you to guide your present more than it predicts your future. Much like other forms of divination, you’ll ask your reader your question out loud. This allows your subconscious to focus entirely on your question, and it’s this energy that allows the correct rune to surface. This is why it’s critical that you remain focused on your question since wandering thoughts can lead to confused runes. Unlike other forms of divination you’re typically going to focus on one subject and that subject is going to be as focused as possible. The goal of…

Know Before You Go: The Pagan Symbols on Tarot Cards and What They Mean

Though the Tarot can be used by anyone at any time for any reason, it’s widely known that these cards are Pagan in origin. Placing their roots in old religions from a variety of cultures, all of those traditions blend together in this new age collection of cards that predate the Wiccan religion by centuries. The proof of this is in the symbols you see in the decks, all with Pagan origins that are obvious once you know a little more about them. The symbolism is especially obvious when you look at the minor arcana and the various suits they’re sorted into. Each is closely tied to an essential element and altar item in the world of Paganism, and very often the meanings are identical. Cups One of the minor arcana suits is called the cups, though they’re also occasionally referred to as chalices. They represent emotions, and they’re a key item in Pagan practices. A cup is often placed on a Pagan alter to represent the Great Goddess, the mother of the universe and the element of water. Many rituals open and close with the cup or chalice, and its contents can play just as important of a role in any ceremony. Swords Another minor arcana suit is known…


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