Simple Ways Your Astrology Reader Can Make You More Comfortable

Astrology readings aren’t always the most enjoyable when the reader is inexperienced or using shady tactics. A client who wants to know about their astrological chart and influences needs to feel comfortable and safe in the presence of a reader; someone whom they are giving a lot of personal information to. In order to be comfortable at your own astrology reading, take these things into consideration when picking a reader for yourself. Only Asking for Pertinent Information Even the most enthusiastic astrology enthusiast can be skeptical of certain readers. Because of the high chance of being conned that is present in the fields of psychic readings, clients are always on alert for even the slightest hint of deception or anything that could be a red flag. One of the most suspected methods of fraudulent psychic reading is asking for way too much information or doing research beforehand in order to get information on the client. A true reader will make their client comfortable by only asking pertinent and reasonable questions, not inquiring about their life history. Making Sure the Location is Right Regardless of whether the reading occurs online or in person, astrology readings should have the right atmosphere. This doesn’t include spooky shop decorum or moons and stars website…

6 Crystals to Help You Destress

Stress is no laughing matter. It can have a profound impact on your ability to get through the day, keeping you from thinking clearly and even negatively affecting your physical health. The more stressed you are the lower your immune system is, and the lower your immune system is the more vulnerable you are to illnesses. Thankfully you don’t have to give your life up to stress. If you find yourself losing it mid-day, consider carrying around a few of these crystals to help you find your center again. Amethyst Amethyst is great for a lot of things, but its ability to cleanse or eliminate negative energy is what makes it a great stone for clearing out stress. It helps you think and act with a clarity you simply can’t attain when stress has fogged your mind, reducing things like tension headaches and fatigue. Wear amethyst around your neck to help prevent migraines and to ward off feelings of being overwhelmed. Citrine A pivotal stone for success in attaining our goals, citrine is often referred to as the happiness stone. With close connections to the sun, it attracts joy and helps to clear out the clouds to bring a bright outlook to its wearer. This outlook can make all the…

3 Tarot Spreads for Money Troubles

Money can’t buy happiness, but there’s a lot of roadblocks it can clear away. When you’re facing money troubles, each shift in life comes with added worries. Is this what is going to finally pull you out of the problem? Or is it just more of the status quo? In these instances, the cards can help. No matter how many coins cards turn up, they won’t bring money themselves. With the right spread and the right questions, though, they can provide a useful peek into the future. You shouldn’t treat your psychic like a financial adviser. They can’t help you with specific problems like choosing a bank. Still, the following spreads can give you general guidelines to follow going forward. Money This is a good five card spread that can fit at any time. It is the best for a quick look at where you stand and what’s coming up soon, without getting too deep into problems and solutions. You establish the current state of affairs, and inquire if there is money coming soon or already around. Sometimes the solution to money problems waits nearby, and is only an ask away. People’s pride will at times make things worse. It stops from asking for help, or makes them determined to…


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