Casting the Runes: Traditional Rune Spreads You Should Know

In the world of divination, we’re familiar with things like tarot card readings and sessions with psychic readers, but few people are familiar with rune casting. Rune casting is different from your standard fortune telling in that it works deeply with your subconscious. The pouch that holds the rune represents the universe and each symbol etched on each stone represents pieces of that universe. When you ask a question of your fortune teller your entire mind, both conscious and unconscious, becomes focused on that question. When performing a runic reading, much like tarot cards the kind of reading performed depends a great deal on the question. There are different readings for different situations, and the type of rune spread chosen can have a large impact on your question’s outcome. Odin’s Rune The runic equivalent of the single card draw in tarot, Odin’s rune is the spread to go to if you’re looking for a general overview of an entire situation. The rune chosen will encompass the past, present and future of your issue or question and also cover your potential actions that lead to a potential outcome. This is great for very specific questions, such as “Should I take this new job offer?” If you pull the rune Fehu, you…

3 Crystals to Use When Looking for Love

Love isn’t just in the air on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. People all over the world are looking for someone to be with, and they’ll sometimes use some drastic measures to do so. While crystal meditation isn’t exactly an uncouth or dangerous method, many don’t actually consider the possibility that crystals can help enhance your charm and strengthen your compassion, as well as bring men and women to you in droves. The possibility of finding love because of crystal meditation is extremely real, as long as you also put in equal effort to search. Just because you’re using crystals doesn’t mean the man or woman of your dreams is going to fall into your lap! Use these three crystals to find your Romeo or Juliet. Rhodochrosite A crystal as pink as a candied Valentine’s heart, Rhodochrosite is infused with hot fuchsias and soft whites, creating a stone that looks every bit like the purpose it holds. Instead of being a crystal that focuses on getting you more dates or getting you under someone’s sheets, this pink stone allows for mind clarity and unity. In order to truly love others, it’s said that you will have to love and cherish yourself first. In order to truly appreciate yourself, you need to…


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