Lestrology: Queer Astrology Compatibility for Scorpios

When you meet a Scorpio, you’re going to want to take out your note pad and write the word “INTENSE” in big bold letters. The Scorpio lady is also the horniest girl you could hook up with on the chart, and by those two powers combined you’re in for quite the night. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that your hookup is meaningless; nothing is meaningless with a Scorpio girl. She’s a possessive lover and is desperate to control everything they can. So watch out for that stinging tail of hers – you definitely want to stay on her good side. Scorpio and Aries When you look up “bad idea” in the dictionary, these are the two signs that pop up together. The sex is great, but pretty much everything else is going to be a disaster. Scorpio’s controlling nature drives Aries bonkers, and both of their passive aggressive natures lead to a breakdown of communication that’s likely to end in an explosive screaming match and hurt feelings. This is the couple you see having a screaming match at the Pride parade and then making out in the club later on. Scorpio and Cancer For all of Scorpio’s intensity Cancer actually adds to it. Cancers emotional strength and neediness…

Know Before You Go: The Real Meaning of the Death Card

Of all the cards in the tarot deck, the Death card has the worst reputation. Thanks to bad media representations it’s associated with actual death and destruction, giving querants a sense of fear and dread when it pops up in their spreads. That definition of the Death card couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a multi-faceted card and in spite of it’s bad rap isn’t actually a bad card to get. It’s a card associated with the Goddess herself, with the astrological sign Scorpio and new beginnings. Here you’ll find the true meaning of the Death card clarified, the deceptive cloud of fear lifted so you can better interpret your tarot spreads in the future. The Death Card Upright Death is symbolic of the end of a major event in your life that heralds the beginning of something new. If you’re stuck in a job you hate and find the Death card in your spread, rejoice! This means your suffering will end soon either as a revitalization of what you loved about your work or as an opportunity to leave for something new entirely. Before we can move on to anything new, however, the old thing must end. It’s not easy letting go of our old lives, even if…

6 Crystals to Help You Destress

Stress is no laughing matter. It can have a profound impact on your ability to get through the day, keeping you from thinking clearly and even negatively affecting your physical health. The more stressed you are the lower your immune system is, and the lower your immune system is the more vulnerable you are to illnesses. Thankfully you don’t have to give your life up to stress. If you find yourself losing it mid-day, consider carrying around a few of these crystals to help you find your center again. Amethyst Amethyst is great for a lot of things, but its ability to cleanse or eliminate negative energy is what makes it a great stone for clearing out stress. It helps you think and act with a clarity you simply can’t attain when stress has fogged your mind, reducing things like tension headaches and fatigue. Wear amethyst around your neck to help prevent migraines and to ward off feelings of being overwhelmed. Citrine A pivotal stone for success in attaining our goals, citrine is often referred to as the happiness stone. With close connections to the sun, it attracts joy and helps to clear out the clouds to bring a bright outlook to its wearer. This outlook can make all the…

3 Crystals to Use When Looking for Love

Love isn’t just in the air on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. People all over the world are looking for someone to be with, and they’ll sometimes use some drastic measures to do so. While crystal meditation isn’t exactly an uncouth or dangerous method, many don’t actually consider the possibility that crystals can help enhance your charm and strengthen your compassion, as well as bring men and women to you in droves. The possibility of finding love because of crystal meditation is extremely real, as long as you also put in equal effort to search. Just because you’re using crystals doesn’t mean the man or woman of your dreams is going to fall into your lap! Use these three crystals to find your Romeo or Juliet. Rhodochrosite A crystal as pink as a candied Valentine’s heart, Rhodochrosite is infused with hot fuchsias and soft whites, creating a stone that looks every bit like the purpose it holds. Instead of being a crystal that focuses on getting you more dates or getting you under someone’s sheets, this pink stone allows for mind clarity and unity. In order to truly love others, it’s said that you will have to love and cherish yourself first. In order to truly appreciate yourself, you need to…


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