Why It’s Not the Best Idea to Over share with Your Psychic

There’s no denying that when a person visits a psychic for advice and guidance, they will need to share a few details about themselves. Psychics can’t detect a client’s entire life story just by glancing at them, so sharing a couple of important details to help move the reading along isn’t uncommon. However, there comes a point where enough is enough and it might be time to stop sharing so much. Here are a few reasons why over sharing with your psychic isn’t always the best idea. By Giving Away Too Much Information, You Might Be Hindering Your Reading Whenever a person enters a psychic reading for the first time, it is always important to provide the reader with information. Contrary to what Hollywood movies might want people to believe, psychics don’t immediately know a person’s entirely life story simply by taking one look at them. So visiting a psychic and providing them with information is both common and necessary. However, there comes a point where a person can share too much and actually end up hindering their reading. By over sharing with a psychic, a person runs the risk of not allowing a psychic to be able to reach their full potential because they know too much about the…

Psychic Monogamy: Should You Stick to One Form of Psychic Reading?

Many people fall in love with whatever psychic medium they first encountered. For a huge number of folks it was the Tarot that amazed them with its ability to guide and reveal. Others got into the psychic world with a toy Ouija board. Whatever it was, that’s their first and oftentimes their only. But that’s such a shame. In a world filled with various forms of psychic reading it’s your duty to find the best ones for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because it’s fun, it’s informative, and there’s no need to stick to just one. The Question There’s a reason that more than one form of psychic reading exists. They all answer different needs. For some, it’s the question. How can I make more money? What do I need to do about x, y, and z? Not everything is going to be able to answer these questions. Tarot cards are the best for this type of setup because the cards help act as a guide through the psychic channels to set you on the right path and point you the way you need to go. The Ouija board, while debatable to some as a psychic tool, is also great for answering questions. It’s made for it. By spelling…

On the Edge: Is Your Sign Really What You Think It Is?

Knowing your own zodiac sign is important to many people. It gives them a connection as big as the stars. Though personalities vary within the signs, there are core traits and values important to each of them. If you connect with your sign, it can feel good knowing there are others who share similar values. They can help you inform compatibility with friends or partners. Because of this, some consider it important to know the exact bracket for each sign. Getting it right, though, isn’t as simple as you think it is. You might imagine that all you have to know is the changeover point in the month and the sign associated with it. Reality, though, is a bit more tricky. If you or people in your life are born in the middle of the month, you might need to know a bit more to find your sign. What’s Your Real Sign? To figure out your sign accurately, you’ll need a zodiac calendar that takes years into account. Calculators like this one will provide an accurate birth sign, and plenty of other information. You can find out the precise location of all the other planets. Doing so just takes the time and date of your birth. Why Does This Happen?…

How to Tell if a Psychic Is Just Telling You What You Want to Hear

Whenever someone consults a psychic with a problem they are facing, more often than not they hope to leave the session with good news and wise guidance. While it can sometimes be frustrating to not receive the information or good news you were expecting, it can often be just as problematic to constantly leave a session with nothing but positive news. No one is going to make any progress is everything is constantly sugar coated for them, and here are a few easy ways to tell if a psychic is just telling you what you want to hear. Be Wary When You Receive Nothing but Good News This tip is probably one of the most obvious ones to look out for with psychics. When visiting a psychic, most people will want to leave with the best news possible. Everyone wants to hear that their relationship is on the right track and will lead to marriage, or that they are definitely going to get that big promotion at work. And, when a person goes to a psychic and this is the type of news they receive, they are more than happy and will be eager to go back for a second visit. However, if someone has been visiting a psychic multiple…

How to Defend Yourself from Potential Scams from Psychic Reading Websites

It’s an unfortunate fact of the Internet that regardless of where you go, you’re pretty much always going to be at risk for scams. Sure, some websites have better security than others, but it’s not always easy at first glance to tell which ones do and which ones don’t. You might think that visiting psychic reading websites would be relatively safe, but again, it’s going to be tough for you to tell. This isn’t to say that all psychic reading websites are dangerous, but it is to say that you should always proceed with caution (which is true no matter what you’re doing on the Internet). If you’re wary of the dangers of the Internet but you want to get an online psychic reading done, there are ways you can protect yourself from anything unfortunate you might come across. Install Antivirus Software One of the first things anyone should do before doing anything on the Internet is install antivirus software. While there are a lot of good brands you can buy, there are also several dependable brands you can get for free. If you’re solely interested in protection from online scams, free antivirus software is really all that you need. Antivirus software is helpful for a number of reasons. For…

Casting the Runes: Traditional Rune Spreads You Should Know

In the world of divination, we’re familiar with things like tarot card readings and sessions with psychic readers, but few people are familiar with rune casting. Rune casting is different from your standard fortune telling in that it works deeply with your subconscious. The pouch that holds the rune represents the universe and each symbol etched on each stone represents pieces of that universe. When you ask a question of your fortune teller your entire mind, both conscious and unconscious, becomes focused on that question. When performing a runic reading, much like tarot cards the kind of reading performed depends a great deal on the question. There are different readings for different situations, and the type of rune spread chosen can have a large impact on your question’s outcome. Odin’s Rune The runic equivalent of the single card draw in tarot, Odin’s rune is the spread to go to if you’re looking for a general overview of an entire situation. The rune chosen will encompass the past, present and future of your issue or question and also cover your potential actions that lead to a potential outcome. This is great for very specific questions, such as “Should I take this new job offer?” If you pull the rune Fehu, you…

2 Ways to Use Tarot Cards Every Day

While it’s imperative to get a tarot card reader to give you an accurate reading on occasion, it’s unrealistic to pay for a tarot card reading every day of your life. If you want to utilize the Tarot on a daily basis, it can be difficult if you don’t have the resources or ability to talk to a reader every single day. Those who are strapped for cash or who can’t use the Internet to contact local readers, or even use readers online, can still find a way to incorporate the Tarot into their everyday life with relative ease. In fact, someone can read their own fortune within five minutes, making the most of their day while still incorporating psychic energy into their routine. Tarot can literally be utilized every day. By purchasing your own tarot card set and learning even a little about the meaning of some tarot cards can allow you to give yourself a daily reading in very minimal time. Tarot card reading doesn’t always have to involve a 45 minute reading in a dark room with a crystal ball. Tarot card readings can be had in your living room, while you’re still in bed, or even while you’re brushing your teeth. Drawing a Card Every Day…


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