Why You Can’t Expect 100% Accuracy from a Psychic Reader

Tarot card readings are usually meant to be fun and guiding, not as concrete directions for you while you travel your life’s map. Still, accuracy is an important aspect of tarot card reading. Without some accuracy, you’re basically flushing your money away. Although having a high percentage of accuracy is crucial in a tarot card reading, it’s unrealistic to expect a reader will hit the nail on the head with every card and every spread. Psychic Readings are Very Interpretive If you think back to your days in English classes, you’ll remember reading books and passages and talking about the symbolic and implied meanings of many images present in the literature. Like deeper meanings in literature, the Tarot can be very symbolic and not as clear cut as you’d like it to be, with many layers of meaning and potential inferences. Unlike literature, however, the Tarot doesn’t always have one consistent and agreed upon meaning. Because the Tarot can be so interpretive, it’s hard to get a completely accurate reading that wholly applies to the situation at hand. Depending on how the reader, or you personally, interpret the cards, the outcome may be drastically different because they’re open to many different and varied interpretations. All Psychics Have Different Understandings of…

Common Mistakes Made by First Time Palm Readers and How to Avoid Them

Palm reading isn’t a new form of psychic reading by any means. People have been reading palms for thousands of years, and some would say that a lot of psychics have practically perfected the art. Every day, more and more people want to take up palm reading, but might not necessarily realize that it isn’t something you can just jump into right away and be a pro at. Here are a few first timer mistakes to avoid when taking up palm reading. Not Recognizing That Different Hands Will Give Different Readings One of the most common mistakes made by first time palm readers is that they might not realize that there’s a different between reading the right and left hand. Different hands will be different readings and it’s important to know what you’re doing before you grab a hand and start analyzing it. One of the first things a person needs to know before palm reading is that the left hand is meant to show the current life of a person, while the right hand is meant to show what kind of person they will become in the future. When looking at both the right and left hand, it’s easy to see that both palms hold very different lines. If…

Common Misconceptions about Psychic Readings That You Should Disregard

Most people’s exposure to anything psychic is what they see in popular media. For example, many people may have only seen tarot cards in the movies. Because psychic tools are seen so frequently in movies, there are a lot of misconceptions that have popped up regarding just how they work. People who believe in these misconceptions will likely find themselves disappointed when should they ever decide to get a psychic reading done for themselves. If you fall into that category, it’s a good idea to educate yourself a little in order to make sure you’re not disappointed because you believed something that wasn’t true. Psychic Readings Are Pinpoint Accurate This isn’t to say that a psychic reading can’t be accurate, because they can be. However, expecting tarot cards to reveal every minute detail about your life for the next five years is expecting far too much. In movies, tarot cards often reveal very descriptive details about a person. This isn’t how it works. In most cases, the Tarot is used to divine opportunities and to reveal choices a person can make in order to take advantage of those opportunities. If you’re expecting your psychic reading is going to be pinpoint accurate, you’re likely going to be disappointed. It’s better to…


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