The Best Kind of Psychic Reading to Help You Figure Out Your Love Life

Many people turn to psychics in order to figure out different aspects of their lives. Some people want a reading done in order to determine whether or not there’s the possibility of fortune in their lives. Others might get a psychic reading done in order to try to understand any discord that’s going on in their family life. One of the most common reasons people get a psychic reading done, however, is in regards to their love lives. The search for true love is an important one and when people strike out consistently in that regard, they may decide to try an unconventional approach into solving the problem. No psychic is going to be surprised or think any less of you if you come to them wanting to get a reading done centered around the lack of love in your life. However, just what type of psychic reading is going to be the most beneficial when it comes to helping you find love? Astrology Astrology is one of the most popular forms of psychic readings, and this is why people tend to turn to it when they’re frustrated with their romantic life. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably read your horoscope in a newspaper before and seen that…

Numerology 101: What’s Your Number, and How Can It Help?

The invention of numbers revolutionized society. Tallies on bones allowed ancient people to record the resources they had. It also allowed them to better record and understand the passage of time. From there, humans started associating numbers with days and years. These dates allow our society to have structure. There are more to learn from these dates, though. Numerology is the study of numbers as they pertain to oneself. Much like everyone has a sign, everyone has a personal number hidden inside their birth date. From this, one can gain a better understanding of themselves and their future. Find out how you can learn about the numbers that guide your life. Getting Started Numerology may be all about numbers, but it doesn’t take a degree in them. In fact, all you need to know is some basic addition. In short, you find most numbers by reducing dates to single digit or master numbers (master numbers are 11, 22, and 33). You then add them together and reduce them to a single digit. This is something understood a little bit easier in practice. One of the most important numbers in numerology is the life path number. It come from the complete birth date, and gives the most information about a person’s…

Know Before You Go: The Real Meaning of the Death Card

Of all the cards in the tarot deck, the Death card has the worst reputation. Thanks to bad media representations it’s associated with actual death and destruction, giving querants a sense of fear and dread when it pops up in their spreads. That definition of the Death card couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a multi-faceted card and in spite of it’s bad rap isn’t actually a bad card to get. It’s a card associated with the Goddess herself, with the astrological sign Scorpio and new beginnings. Here you’ll find the true meaning of the Death card clarified, the deceptive cloud of fear lifted so you can better interpret your tarot spreads in the future. The Death Card Upright Death is symbolic of the end of a major event in your life that heralds the beginning of something new. If you’re stuck in a job you hate and find the Death card in your spread, rejoice! This means your suffering will end soon either as a revitalization of what you loved about your work or as an opportunity to leave for something new entirely. Before we can move on to anything new, however, the old thing must end. It’s not easy letting go of our old lives, even if…


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