FAQ: What Is Drekkana In Astrology?

How do you read a Drekkana chart?

  1. There are 36 Drekkanas; 3 for each of the 12 Rashis.
  2. Drekkana in your horoscope, count successively till the 22nd Drekkana.
  3. For example if your Lagna is in the first 10 degrees you are born in the.
  4. first Drekkana.
  5. So, in this case, the 22nd Drekkana will be the 1st Drekkana of the 8th.

What is 22nd Drekkana?

22nd Drekkana is called Khara and its lord is known as Kharesh. 22nd Drekkana is considered one of the first-ranked malefic planet for the native and gives clue to his death.

What is D3 chart in astrology?

D3 is the third house of the horoscope and represents it in a detailed manner. A few of the characteristics of D3 are valour, strength, courage, communication, immediate younger sibling, unfolding of Karma or fruits of your action(karma), short travels, native’s thought process, upper arms, ears and throat.

What is Sarpa Drekkana in astrology?

b) Sarpa Drekkana: The second and third Drekkanas of the sign Cancer, the first and the second of the sign Scorpio, and the last Drekkana of the sign Pisces are termed as Sarpa (serpent) Drekkanas.

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What is Hora chart?

Hora, which stands for ‘Hour’, is a quite an important part of Vedic Astrology. The way to find out which hora you were born into, remember a simple concept. Look at your ascendant or 1st house and look at the degrees of your rising sign. All PDF horoscope show the degree table of your ascendant and planets.

How do you read a d7 chart?

Ist method: Count the number of planets falling in between 5th lord and karaka Jupiter. The number of strong planets falling in between 5th lord and Jupiter indicate the number of children. IInd method: In D-7, see the number of rasis the 5th lord of D-1 travelled from his house, ie., 5th house.

What is Lagna Drekkana Lord?

A planet occupying its own drekkana confers virtues; the Moon similarly situated endows one with best of qualities of body and mind, and the lord of the lagna occupying the first, second or the third drekkana makes one a judge, a ruler of a mandal or head of a village i.e. attain high position respectively.

How is 64th Navamsa calculated?

If the Lagna falls in the first navamsa then the 63rd navamsa would be the last navamsa of the 7th house and the 64th navamsa would be the 1st navamsa of the 8th house. Thus whichever navamsa lagna is in, the same navamsa of the 8th sign from the Lagna becomes the 64th navamsa.

How do you read D10 charts in Vedic astrology?

Step 5>Lagna lord of D1 chart condition in D10 chart:-birth chart lagna lord is the controller of your body health if this planet is strong then the person is dedicated to his/her work & he/she will be on right path, if lagna lord of birth chart is badly placed in D10 chart then he /she will face problem in career

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How do I know how many siblings I have in astrology?

As per these classics the number of siblings can be find out by counting the Navamshas gained by the 3rd lord. Some texts also suggest that number of benefic planets associated with the 3rd and/or the 11th house tells about number of brother- sister alive.

How many charts are there in astrology?

There are sixteen varga, or divisional, charts used in Jyotisha. These vargas form the basis of a unique system of finding the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of planets.

Which planet is responsible for accident?

Sun and Moon are responsible planets for an accident. After that, Rahu, Mars and Shani creates an accident. However, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon protect us from accident.

What is 64th Navamsa?

Navamsa divisions in a house – We all know Navamsa is 1/9th division of a house, so each division is 3deg and 20 sec of an arc!! The Rule is ~ 64th Navamsa of a planet is the 8th house from that planet in Rasi Chart and its Navamsa position would be the 4th house from that planet’s Natal Navamsa (D9) position.

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