FAQ: What Planet Represents The Soul I. Astrology?

How do I find my Atmakaraka planet?

One of eight planets (Sun, Moon, Mars,Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu) can be your Atmakaraka depending on its degrees in the natal chart. The planet that has the highest degree, ignoring the signs, is considered the chara Atmakaraka. Some astrologers uses the 7 karaka scheme were Rahu is excluded.

Which planet is Atmakaraka?

Sun is the Natural Atmakaraka planet in every horoscope.

What if Venus is Atmakaraka?

An Atmakaraka Venus can mess things up which are associated with sexuality and relationships. It may also cause sugar problems if it is afflicted. People with an Atmakaraka Venus are usually strong with fine arts. They have an eye for detail when it comes to sketching and painting.

Which planet represents which God?

Planetary symbolism

Planet Roman deity Greek God
Jupiter Jupiter Jove Δίας (Dias)
Saturn Saturn Κρόνος (Cronus)
Uranus Caelus Ουρανός (Ouranos)
Neptune Neptune Ποσειδῶν (Poseidon)

How do you find your soul planet?

Only look at the degrees of the 7 visible planets: Su, Mo, Me, Ve, Ma, Ju, Sa. Ignore the Ascendant or Rahu and Ketu which are not real planet, just astronomical points in the horoscope. The planet with the highest degree is your soul planet! It is as easy as that!

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How do I know my ISHT Devta?

How To Find Your Chosen Deity (Ishta Devata ) The knowledge about one’s Ishta Devata can easily be discovered through the Atmakaraka in Navamsa in our birth charts. The Atmakaraka is the planet with the highest degree in our kundli.

What if Sun is Atmakaraka?

Sun as Atmakaraka indicates that the native will have to learn to overcome his ego. He should become a humble and sensible person. The Atmakaraka Sun indicates that the desires to fulfill our success, fame and power. Therefore, all these can only be attained when one gives up ego and must maintain humility.

What if Mars is Atmakaraka?

If a person with an Atmakaraka Mars is spiritual, he/she may learn Hatha Yoga and other physical exercises to remain strong and ever youthful. So long as these are practiced as a spiritual discipline like the monks of the Shaolin temple, it is very good. Mars is seen as the greatest malefic planet in vedic astrology.

Which planet is responsible for death?

When Saturn is malefic and is associated with planets causing death or with the lord of the 3rd or the 11th house then Saturn becomes the prime effective maraka to cause death.

When Jupiter is Atmakaraka?

A person with an Atmakaraka Jupiter usually has strong principles. The strength of the belief is even more when Jupiter is not afflicted. Such a person is very spiritual throughout his/her life. Natives with strong Jupiter usually have high ideals.

What is Amatyakaraka planet?

The Planet With highest Degree in a birth chart is known as Atmakaraka Planet. It is Like King of the Horoscope. We can compare it with Lagna of our birth chart. The Planet which gets the next highest degree after Atmakaraka, is known as amatyakaraka Planet.

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How do you find the highest degree in astrology?

In this birth chart consider the Moon as the highest degree planet and Venus as the lowest degree planet. Degrees of Ascendant and Jupiter are very close with the degree of the Sun. So Ascendant, Jupiter and the Sun will act as these are combined together in the Same Sign.

Which God can control Rahu?

Jupiter is the only planet that can control Rahu, Jupiter represents ‘Guru’ and hence I advise you to worship and respect your Guru.

Who is the God of Rahu?

Goddess Durga is the presiding deity of Rahu.

Which God can control Mars?

Mangala (Sanskrit: मङ्गल, IAST: Maṅgala) is the name for Mars, the red planet, in Hindu texts. Also known as Lohit (meaning: red), he is the god of anger, celibate and sometimes linked to god Kartikeya ( Skanda ).

God of Aggression, Mars
Member of Navagraha
Mangala riding on his mount Ram
Devanagari मंगल

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