Question: What Does Contra Parallel Mean In Astrology?

What is parallel in astrology?

A contraparallel takes place between two planets whose declinations are at approximately the same degree on different sides, one north and one south, whereas a parallel takes place between two planets whose declinations are at approximately the same degree on the same side, both north or both south.

What does declination mean in astrology?

The declination of a planet is its distance north or south of the celestial equator, measured in degrees in latitude.

Are conjunctions bad in astrology?

Conjunctions are “GENERALLY” GOOD in Astrology. The Conjunction and Parallel of good planets (Jupiter, Venus, Sun) bring good conditions. However, the Conjunction and Parallel of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are considered negative and more often bring challenges.

What is parallel of declination?

: one of the small circles of the celestial sphere that is parallel to the celestial equator.

What is Pluto conjunct ascendant?

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit. Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit represents a couple of years of intense soul-searching. Like other transits to the Ascendant, your close relationships are affected but the main focus is on you. As you personally undergo a transformation so may your relationships.

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What is an out of bounds planet?

By definition, an OOB planet is one that exceeds 23 degrees 27 minutes either North or South of the equator. On the negative side, OOB planets can contribute to insanity, abnormal thoughts/ feelings and complete disregard for the law.

What does Sun opposite Moon mean?

Astronomically speaking, an opposition between the Sun and Moon in the natal chart occurs when the Moon is Full. On an astrological level it symbolizes an intense push and pull between feelings and conscious aims. The Moon reflects the inner part of his being, and essentially the place he knows well.

Why is 2020 a bad year astrology?

In fact, astrologers have been warning us about 2020 for years, as this year delivers a number of rare, intense, and life-altering planetary moments that are shaking our foundations personally, politically, and societally, and forcing us to adapt to an entirely new sense of “normal.”

What does the great conjunction mean spiritually?

A Great Conjunction represents a time for you to release old habits in order to make way for new ways of doing things. If you aren’t open to change, it can feel uncomfortable. But if you are, you can make incredible progress toward dreams you’ve held onto for a long time.

Is conjunction good in astrology?

Conjunctions are said to be the most powerful aspect, mutually intensifying the effects of the planets involved; they are major point in an individual’s chart. Whether the conjunction in question is regarded as beneficial or detrimental depends on the specific planets involved.

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What does a declination of 0 mean?

Declination, in astronomy, the angular distance of a body north or south of the celestial equator. Thus, +90° declination marks the north celestial pole, 0 ° the celestial equator, and -90° the south celestial pole.

Does declination mean decline?

A declination can also be a polite refusal, especially in a formal or official situation. In this sense, it is a noun form of the verb decline, meaning to refuse or to turn something down. In most cases, it’s much more common for people to use words like deterioration, decline, deviation, and refusal than declination.

What is the difference between declination and latitude?

Explanation. Declination in astronomy is comparable to geographic latitude, projected onto the celestial sphere, and hour angle is likewise comparable to longitude. Points north of the celestial equator have positive declinations, while those south have negative declinations.

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