Question: What Is Karanam In Astrology?

Is karanam good or bad?

Persons of this Karana are intelligent but may be bent on doing bad deeds; are heartless, unpopular and may suffer much in life. The persons born of this Karana will be poor but will be kind and content with what they get. The person of this Karana will be a good strategist, imaginative and talkative.

What does Karana mean in astrology?

Panchang Karana is based upon the Lunar Day or Tithi. Actually, a Karan is just half of a Tithi. Technically, a Karan is said to be completed when the difference between the locations of the Moon and Sun crosses multiple of six degrees.

What is karanam time?

A karana is half of a tithi in duration. A karana is the time required for the angular distance between the sun and the moon to increase in steps of 6° starting from 0°. There are eleven karanas in total. Of the eleven karanas, four are fixed and occurs only once in a cycle.

What is bad Karan?

Nag Karan comes in the latter half of Amavasya Tithi. The symbol of this Karan is a snake, therefore the effect of snake can be seen in this Karan. The state of this Karan is said to be dormant and for this reason, it is rarely seen to have any auspicious results.

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Which Yoga is best in astrology?

However, Simhasana yoga is most effective for persons born in Aries, Libra or Capricorn lagna; Hansa yoga is most effective for those born in Capricorn, Cancer, Aquarius or Gemini lagna, in which eventuality these stated yogas gain the more exalted status of Chilhipuchccha yoga, also known as Yogadhiyoga, and become

Is Vishti Karana good?

Out of all the Karana, Vishti Karana is not considered good. This Karana leads to a decline in auspiciousness. Vishti is also known by the name Bhadra. It gives results according to its name.

What is shakuni Karana?

Shakuni Karana is a fixed Karana and is not regarded as very auspicious. This Karana is believed to be of a category that causes the native to struggle and in comparison the rewards derived are limited. The Lord of this Karana is Kalyuga. In accordance, this Karana is under the influence of deity of the Kalyuga Kaal.

How do you calculate Karana?

In order to calculate Karana, difference between the degrees of Sun and Moon is calculated which is divided by 6. The remaining number is called Karana.

What is Yunja in astrology?

Yunja – Detailed Meaning. As Yunja, you are systematic, persevering, and thorough. Your responsible and capable nature takes you into positions where you can organize and direct the efforts of others.

What is Dhruva yoga?

Dhruva Yoga A person born in this yoga has a calm nature. He or she is very focused in whatever they do. This Yoga gives physical strength along with an affluent life. The person gets love from almost every sphere of society for her composed nature and is blessed with a long life.

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What is Sula yoga?

Shoola (or Sula ) Yoga: 106:40 – 120:00 (inauspicious) One born with this yoga will be truthful and perform good deeds; be virtuous and fortunate; This person will experience pains ( sharp shooting pains) in the body. “A person born in this yoga has a religious nature and interested in religious texts.

How many Yogams are there in astrology?

Literal meaning of the word ‘ Yoga ‘ is addition; and Nithya Yoga is derived from addition of sun and moon position in Zodiac and these specify some characteristic of the persona. There are 27 ‘Yogas’, and this is the reason that their length is 13 degrees and 20 Minutes each, just like Nakshatras.

What is Vajra Yoga?

Vajra Yoga In Astrology is when all the benefic planets are present in the first and the seventh house and all the malefic planets are in 4th and 10th house then vajra yoga is formed. 4th house stands for vehicles, mother and family happiness.

What does Marana yogam mean?

These five, Day, Star, Thithi, Yoga ( not the Yoga of Patanjali, here Yoga indicates auspicious/conducive period) and Karana form the basis of Hindu Almanac, called Panchanga(Five limbs).

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