Readers ask: Vedic Astrology Where Is Mercury Exalted?

In which sign is Mercury exalted?

Sun: in fall in Libra (exalted in Aries) Moon: in fall in Scorpio (exalted in Taurus) Mercury: in fall in Pisces (exalted in Virgo )

Why is Mercury exalted in Virgo?

“ Mercury rules Virgo, and it’s exalted in this sign because Mercury in Virgo is precise, meticulous, and detail-oriented,” says Lang. “It’s organized and structured—two traits that are inherent to Mercury in Virgo people.”

Which house is bad for Mercury?

Mercury is considered auspicious in the 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and the 7th houses and gives bad results when placed in the 3, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th. Its colour is green and moon is its enemy.

Is Mercury exalted in Aquarius?

Mercury is not exalted in Aquarius, nor depleted. However, Saturn, the Depositor being Friend to Mercury, benefits as per the following conditions. Activity: Placement in House of Friend or Neutral House renders Swapna avasta (Dreamy stage).

How do you know if Mercury is weak?

A person may even stammer or suffer from some other speech problems when Mercury is weak or inauspicious since Mercury is the Karaka planet of speech. A prolonged illness or a chronic disease is also an indication of an inauspicious or weak Mercury. A weak or afflicted Mercury makes a person lazy and lethargic.

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Which degree is best in astrology?

Exaltation ( astrology )

  • Sun: 19th degree of Aries (i.e., 18°00′ – 18°59′)
  • Moon: 3rd degree of Taurus.
  • Mercury: 15th degree of Virgo.
  • Venus: 27th degree of Pisces.
  • Mars: 28th degree of Capricorn.
  • Jupiter: 15th degree of Cancer.
  • Saturn: 21st degree of Libra.

Is Mercury in Virgo?

On August 29, Mercury will enter Virgo and stay there until September 14. Over the next three weeks, we can expect to see Virgo’s influence — organization, idealism, and healing — on Mercury, which rules communication, intelligence, and timing. Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, so it’s right at home in this sign.

What planet is exalted in Virgo?

Mercury is exalted in Virgo, making it exceptional since it also rules this sign.

What house is my Mercury?

Mercury in the 11th House.

What house is good for Mercury?

11th house is house of desires so native may have strong desire of material happiness. However this placement may make the native egoistic as he will think of himself supreme to others. It is good if Mercury is accompanied here with Sun or Venus. As you can see in the chart of Mr.

How can I make my Mercury strong?


  1. Give food to little girls or unmarried girls.
  2. If you give donation, then you must forget about it.
  3. Look at your face in oil, then ask God to take bad things out of you and then donate it.
  4. Every Wednesday, throw a copper coin in water.
  5. Take Brahmi.
  6. Eat Mattha (but not cold).
  7. Don’t ever keep a pet bird in cage.
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Is 2021 a good year for Aquarius?

Welcome to 2021, Aquarius, and congrats on surviving 2020. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, Aquarius, and if you want attention, you’re going to have to allow yourself to be a little vulnerable and ask for support. Your task for 2021 is to break down your walls, as well as to learn to put yourself first.

What is the God of Aquarius?

Aquarius: Prometheus, God Of Forethought And Mankind.

What is Aquarius Mercury sign?

Those with Mercury in Aquarius take great mental leaps forward and are geared toward logical, objective thinking. Mercury is exalted in this air sign, which means the planet of communication moves along speedily, and with ease. In Aquarius, Mercury has a fixed focus, but information is seemingly plucked out of the air.

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