Readers ask: What Is Draconic Astrology?

What is a soul chart?

An Evolutionary or Soul Chart Consultation places special emphasis on past life and life purpose aspects revealed by the Natal chart, through examining the Lunar Nodes and their connections in depth. Steven Forrest often refers to this as “the chart behind the chart ”.

What is Galactic Astrology?

In galactic astrology a relation is established between Milky Way band and the zodiac signs leading to the creation of birth chart for prediction purposes. The galactic chart used for astrology has certain rules and principles. In this chart the earth is found opposite to the Sun which has been placed at the center.

What is a progressive chart?

What is a progressed chart? A progressed chart adds one day to your date of birth for every year you’ve been alive to create a new chart that reflects your maturation and growth. We all change with age, and this is shown through the progressed chart.

How do I find my Nessus in astrology?

You can find your Nessus by going to extended chart selection and find Nessus under “additional objects” and then “asteroids”. Nessus in Aries: Here we can see someone who is obsessed with always being in charge, being right, always winning, or obsessed with their own ego.

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How do you know your soul sign?

Your Soul Sign = The Rising Sign or Ascendant The Rising Sign is your Soul Sign and the potential for your highest expression in this lifetime. It is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the exact time of your birth. It heralds the dawn of your life and is considered the most important sign in Soul Astrology!

What is my soul language?

Soul Language is the expression of your true self and your essence. Your Soul contains your agenda of why you are here and what you have decided to accomplish. Soul Language is the way we choose to communicate that agenda. It is how one thinks, speaks, feels, relates and expresses oneself in the world.

What is galactic time?

Compared with an Earth year, a galactic year represents time on a grand scale — but it’s not a consistent measurement across the galaxy. What we Earthlings call a galactic year is specific to Earth’s place in the Milky Way’s spiral. “We would say that a galactic year is 220, 230 million years.

What is coalescent chart?

coalescent chart. A technique for creating relationship charts, originated by Lawrence Grinnell in the 20th Century. Similar to composite charts but based on harmonics, a different harmonic being used for each planet.

What are harmonic charts?

Harmonic charts are based on principles of resonance. 360° degree circle is divided by the number of the particular harmonic. It is possible to calculate harmonics with any number, but the most common harmonics are the 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th.

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What is a transit chart?

A transit chart is always a comparison between the sky at the time of your birth vs. the sky at a given moment in time. Let’s say your birthday is January 1st 1970. This is your natal chart, and it never changes. However, a transit can be at any moment in time.

What is the difference between transits and progressions?

The planets in a chart for a particular moment are called transits. As the planets move through the zodiac, they interact with each other and they relate to the birth chart using the aspects that were described earlier. Another popular kind of chart is called progressions.

What is my Profection year?

Starting with your rising sign and the first year of your life, that becomes your very first “First House Profection Year ”. When you turn 1, the ascendant jumps to the next sign/house, and the next profection year: your second house profection year. If you’re 21, that’s a 10th house profection year.

What does pholus represent in astrology?

Pholus is the centaur who symbolizes managing states of consciousness between Saturn and Neptune.

What is Ixion in astrology?

Astrologically, Ixion represents ingratitude; the violation of social norms of conduct; being offered a second chance, only to waste it; betrayal; and murder, often prominent in the charts of murderers or homicides.

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