FAQ: What Tarot Deck Was Used In The Show Haven?

Does Duke Crocker die in Haven?

He lives in a Haven where there is no crime and his father is the Police Chief. When he meets Audrey, he thinks she is crazy and brings her to a mental hospital. Duke looks up Agent Audrey Parker and discovers the woman he met is not her. Duke is shot and killed.

Does Audrey kill Nathan in Haven?

Nathan is soon informed that he is charged with making “Lexie” fall in love with him again so she can kill him and end the Troubles. Audrey refuses to kill Nathan, and tells him he can’t decide for her. Audrey also tells Nathan she loves him as she storms out.

What is Nathan trouble on Haven?

Like the other people in Haven, Nathan falls under the Brody Trouble when he gets flustered by Richard Brody and later Chris Brody when his father is murdered. In Audrey Parker’s Day Off, Nathan is at a scene of a hit-and-run of a child when Audrey arrives. He holds her back so that she does not have to see the body.

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Does Charlotte die in Haven?

Charlotte Cross is the mother of Mara who went by the identity of a CDC epidemiologist and was revealed to be the person who created the Barn.

Charlotte Cross
Status Deceased ( killed by Dave possessed by Croatoan )
Actor Laura Mennell

Is Duke in love with Audrey?

In Thanks For The Memories before Audrey can enter The Barn she tells Duke that they will always have Colorado and kisses him on the cheek before making him promise not to let Nathan stop her. Duke admits to Nathan that he’s in love with Audrey too.

Who all dies in Haven?

Harry Nix – murdered by Duke Crocker to save over 20 of his children. Agent Howard – killed by Nathan Wuornos in an attempt to prevent Parker from leaving. Non-Troubled killings

  • Jeff McShaw – poisoned by Katarina Hall, his sous-chef.
  • Richard Brody – electrocuted by his wife, Felicia.

How does Audrey die in Haven?

After using a resurrection Trouble to briefly reanimate her, Charlotte informs Audrey that Dave killed her possessed by Croatoan, Audrey’s father, and they need a piece from the old Barn in the Void. She then dies permanently.

Why did Duke die in Haven?

In a moment of freedom from Croatoan’s control, Duke (Eric Balfour) chose to die rather than let him have access to all the troubles he contained. β€œIt was the most powerful way to end his character’s arc,” Stanton says. β€œ[ Duke ] was always the loner. He was always the pirate, the one who wanted his own destiny.

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Is the Colorado kid Nathan’s son?

James Cogan (b. 31 Aug 1956; d. 22 May 1983) was the son of Sarah Vernon and Nathan Wournos, the adopted son of June and Paul Cogan, the grandson of Max Hansen, and the husband of Arla Cogan. Also known as The Colorado Kid, he was found dead on a beach in Haven, Maine in May 1983.

Who Killed Simon Crocker?

It is later found out through Vince, that he brought out Simon’s Trouble and asked him to kill his father-in-law to end his wife’s family Trouble. After this it was seen that Vince and Lucy killed Simon.

Why was Haven canceled?

Why Was It Cancelled? The cancellation announcement for this show did not come as a huge surprise because of its declining ratings and the fact that it was the last series hanging on from the early Syfy rebranding days.

Is there a sixth season of Haven?

Haven: Syfy TV Series Cancelled; No Season Six. It looks like Syfy is no longer safe for fans of Haven. The cable channel has cancelled the TV show after five seasons. The remaining 13 episodes of season five will begin airing on October 8th.

Do the troubles end in Haven?

The Hunter Meteor Storm pounded the town of Haven and the Troubles did not end. After The Barn was destroyed, the Troubles got worse. It is unknown if the Troubles got worse because of the destruction itself, or if because without hope, the Troubled had less ability to control their Troubles.

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Who is Audrey’s father?

In the two-part season finale, everything finally comes to a head. The biggest challenge, though? Audrey’s father, Croatoan (William Shatner, naturally) has come to take his daughter back into the Barn and he’s sent Nathan, his only real threat, far away with his truck and an Audrey copy.

Is Dave Croatoan?

Croatoan is a mysterious word that Dave Teagues has seen in his visions. Croatoan is actually a creature that lives in the Void. Croatoan took over Charlotte’s husband, making the two one and the same.

Status Alive
Actor William Shatner TBA (voice)

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